Mount Mercy University’s online business major allows students to pair theoretical constructs with practical real-world experience outside of the classroom for a high-quality, well-rounded educational experience.

Graduates of this program will learn to:

  • Use an ethical reasoning approach to evaluate situations and understand the leader’s role in ethical decision-making
  • Have a working knowledge of core business terminology and concepts
  • Use critical thinking/ problem-solving skills in analyzing business situations and making recommendations and decisions
  • Be able to analyze an industry using Porter’s five forces model
  • Communicate effectively
  • Conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis using appropriate external and internal resources
  • Develop appropriate strategies for data collected for strategic planning

Course Format

Classes are offered in 5- and 10-week sessions. Classes are asynchronous, so students are not required to log in at a certain day or time. However, there are weekly deadlines that keep students engaged and on track with their course progress. Typical coursework includes interacting with fellow students and the instructor through discussion forums, submitting written assignments, project-based work (both group and individual), and online quizzes and exams. Course content is delivered through a variety of formats, such as written lectures and readings, PowerPoints with audio, and instructor video recordings. Instructors may also host online office hours or supplemental video sessions that students can participate in if desired.

Business Major Requirements*

  • BA 203: Principles of Law
  • BA 270: Business Statistics
  • BA 305: Employment Law and Labor Relations
  • BA 379: Financial Management
  • BA 436: Business Strategy Seminar
  • BC 265: Principles of Accounting I
  • BC 266: Principles of Accounting II
  • BK 208: Principles of Marketing
  • BK 311: International Marketing
  • BN 204: Principles of Management
  • BN 304: Human Resource Management
  • BN 380: Organizational Behavior
  • EC 251: Macroeconomics
  • EC 252: Microeconomics
  • EN 123: Professional Writing
  • MA 130: Finite Math
  • PL 269: Introduction to Ethics
  • 2 Upper-level Business Courses (numbered 300 or above)

*In addition to these major requirements, business students must also satisfy Mount Mercy’s core curriculum requirements and complete a minimum of 123 credit hours.

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Program taught in:
  • English
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