Official Master's Degree in Social Communication of Scientific Research


Program Description

The world of communication currently demands a specialized formalization of professionals. The new public demands better information, accessible but more rigorous from a scientific point of view, and the media are looking for communicators with knowledge in this field who are capable of transmitting it effectively.

  • Spanish
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Start date: October 2020 - 150 places
  • Until July 31
    • Limited places
    • Up to 28% discount and 75% on file opening

Definition of the program

The combination of tutors who guide the student with the online development of this Official Master's Degree make it a pioneering option to achieve a better dissemination of knowledge in scientific research. The need to train researchers and communicators in these areas is justified by the importance of scientific literacy.

What makes this mastery unique?

  • The first fully online Official Master's Degree in Spanish that has been dedicated to the international field of science and technology communication.
  • Content and approach of the program that is based on Spanish and Latin American labor demands.
  • Orientation linked to crisis communication and the environment,
  • Innovation in communication and new forms of disclosure in open spaces.
  • Self-organization to take the subjects whose knowledge is growing in parallel.
  • Teaching team of researchers and teachers with extensive experience.

"In the educational task of communicating science and research, at the present time the changes that are taking place exceed any forecast made in previous years. The way in which the public shares the dissemination of science and technology research changes everywhere. speed."

Dr. Joan M. Oleaque Moreno

Professor of the Master in Social Communication of Scientific Research

Technical support at your disposal

We offer support for any computer incident or in the configuration of our systems. We help our students through specific training to learn how to use all the tools.

Live online classes from any device

Two-way videoconferencing allows the student and teacher to interact, breaking any barrier of presence. In addition, the classes are recorded and available to the student 365 days a year.

Personalized tutorials

You will always have direct contact with your teachers. These will be at your disposal and you can arrange private tutorials by videoconference to answer your questions.

Academic guidance service

An academic advisor will accompany you throughout your training process with us. Their mission is to know you, guide you, motivate you and support you in all the processes and moments so that you achieve your goals.

Information on the Master's Thesis

It is a compulsory subject that is part of the Pensum de Estudios and consists of the development of a project in which the students will apply the acquired knowledge. The Master's Thesis consists of 12 subjects and students may propose a topic of their choice for the development of their Thesis, in agreement with their director. The defense will be in online mode.

Professional outings

This Official Master's Degree will enable the student to develop his activity in a wide range of areas such as communication, didactics, educational work in science, dissemination of technology. Professional opportunities are linked to the following fields:

  • Scientific journalism, reborn after the impact of the crisis.
  • Dissemination of science and technology in diverse institutions.
  • Communication cabinets in institutions and companies that have a technological variant.
  • Specialization in Risk Communication for institutions
  • Community manager in companies linked to technology or research
  • Communication-marketing services linked to the field of technological research
  • Creation of disseminating networks of scientific knowledge connected with national or international institutions.
  • Educational and informative institutions promote didactic knowledge of science in the classroom, science museums, foundations that lead to research aid)

Admission profile

It is especially recommended for:

  • Students and / or professionals with a university degree (Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism or related university degrees) who wish to acquire specific competences in communication on scientific-technological topics.
  • Graduates and / or professionals in scientific or technological matters who pursue specific training for work related to scientific communication in companies, research centers, universities, in the administration, etc.
  • Researchers who wish to acquire necessary skills to communicate their work or the laboratory or institution to which they are linked.
  • Professionals from the institutional or business field who wish to deepen the communication focused on the advanced aspects of development in science and technology.
  • Students who wish to do a PhD related to communication, and / or the development of scientific research.
  • And, in general, all those professionals and university graduates who require specific training in the communication of contemporary scientific culture.

Access Requirements

The requirements of access and admission to the official Master's studies of the International Valencian University are established in accordance with article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, which establishes the organization of official university education.

They will be able to access the official university studies or those belonging to the Master, who meet any of the following requirements:

  1. To access the official Master's degrees, it will be necessary to have an official Spanish university degree or another issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area that empowers in the country issuing the degree for access to Master's degrees.
  2. Also, graduates may access according to educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area without the need for homologation of their degrees, after verification by the University that they accredit a level of education equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that empower in the country issuing the diploma for access to postgraduate education. The access by this way will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous title that is in possession of the interested party, nor its recognition for other purposes than that of studying the Master's degree.

The title may have additional specific access requirements, which you can consult on the information page of each of them.


Study Aids

  • 25% discount on the cost of opening the file until July 31, 2020
  • 18% discount on teaching until July 31, 2020

Discount By Payment Method

  • Additional 10% for cash payment
  • Additional 5% for payment in two installments

Scholarships from the Ministry of Education

  • General Call for Scholarships 2020-2021 academic year
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