Official master's degree in marketing and digital advertising


Program Description

Extensive internship program at the International Advertising Association - IAA, which integrates advertisers, agencies and media present in 76 countries.

The digital universe sets the direction of marketing and advertising, creating an important demand for specialized professionals. The recent studies The Future Of Business Is Digital, of Forrester, 2014 Global CMO Study of IBM or The digital tipping point, of McKinsey, among others, reveal that in 2018, only in the United States will be needed to make effective decisions around one million and middle managers and middle managers with knowledge of the digital market. Web analytics, mobile marketing, content marketing or social media are the future of marketing and advertising. Today, customers, products, processes and competition are fundamentally digital.

The Master in Marketing and Digital Advertising trains professionals specialized in communication, marketing and digital advertising capable of making strategic decisions in this market, irreversibly online. The structure of the course is oriented to the student to reconstruct the entire process of communication and marketing on the Internet: definition of objectives, strategies for the creation of a corporate or commercial website or development and campaign planning, acquiring skills in essential areas such as analytics web, search engine positioning (SEO / SEM), Social Media Management, Customer Relationship, Management, Mobile Marketing, creativity and web design, web architecture or e-commerce.

The program has a professional approach aimed at acquiring the advanced knowledge, tools, skills and abilities necessary to successfully carry out the work of marketing and advertising experts within the digital environment. All teachers have accredited professional experience in their teaching area. In this line of training, the Final Master Project consists of the completion of a complete digital communication plan where the student will have the opportunity to apply to a practical case the knowledge and skills acquired during the course, for which specific sessions will be implemented. of training, also counting on the personalized attention of a tutor.

It is a program that is taught in 100% online mode, which allows students to combine professional activity with academic, without having to travel to the university. The exams are done through the Virtual Campus, as well as the presentations, work deliveries and even the final defense of the Master's Thesis. As an Official University Master's Degree, verified by ANECA, valid in the 47 countries of the European Higher Education Area, it allows the application of official scholarships and of the main foundations, the granting of study aid credits and the processing of student visas. . Likewise, it also gives access to the completion of the Doctorate.

Student Profile

Graduates with analytical and strategic capacity, with initiative and great capacity for work, ability to empathize with a team, adaptable to organizational objectives, with a predisposition to make decisions on prior analysis, decisive and quick in the execution of their work and with interest in new technologies as users.

Graduate profile

Professionals trained in the new profiles created after the growth of the Internet and the digital environment, in the case of Digital Project Management or responsible for web projects, Community Manager or expert in brand optimization, management and positioning in social media, Digital Planner and SEO Consultant . Professionals capable of defining and establishing marketing strategies, creating a corporate or sales website, implementing campaigns (communication, loyalty, promotion) and master the necessary analytical means to track and measure their effectiveness, passing through the control of all the resources offered by the Network for consumer knowledge and segmentation.

In the admission process, the academic record and their aptitudes will be assessed through a personal interview with the program coordinator.

Specific skills

  • Possess, understand and know how to apply the advanced concepts of marketing and marketing through the Internet and new technologies, and its connection with the company's global marketing strategies.
  • Know, understand and know how to apply professionally the way in which relations with consumers take place in the interactive digital environment, as well as the potential of the Internet as a source of information and knowledge about the consumer.
  • Possess, understand and know how to apply the advanced concepts of affiliate marketing, the business model they represent and the possible strategic approaches to operate in this medium.
  • Possess, understand and correctly apply advanced knowledge about the elements that intervene in the purchase / sale of goods and services through the Internet and new digital technologies.
  • Understand and know how to apply the principles and approaches of construction / branding and branding strategies in the online environment.
  • Acquire and demonstrate having a strategic mentality in order to apply it to the selection of digital media, knowing how to design the strategy, selecting agents and interpreting and developing online media plans.
  • Possess, understand and know how to apply the advanced concepts of digital advertising and know how to implement online advertising actions based on objectives and strategies.
  • Possess, understand and know how to apply the SEO and SEM concepts and techniques for online positioning.
  • Understand and know how to apply advanced concepts about marketing techniques in social media and the creation of links with the consumer.
  • Understand and know how to apply the latest trends in the brand-consumer relationship through marketing on mobile devices and new emerging media.
  • Know how to implement, communicate and effectively present the strategy and marketing campaign and digital advertising.

Professional outings

  • Director of digital communication of a company or organization, responsible for the area of ​​digital communication and leader in the direction and implementation of the online communication plan, being able to adapt it to the global organization.
  • Digital communication manager, expert in the strategic management of the image and digital communication, online reputation and relationship with bloggers, social networks, portals, and other websites.
  • Director of e-Marketing, responsible for planning and strategic development of online marketing campaigns in the company or organization.
  • Responsible for web projects or Digital Project Management, responsible for the creation, development and execution of web projects, as well as web Master or web content manager.
  • Community manager, a position of enormous demand at present, which responds to the professional profile of an expert in the optimization, management and positioning of the brand in the media or social networks.
  • Digital planner or responsible for planning and advertising strategy in digital media.
  • SEO Consultant, SEM. Responsible for the organic or natural positioning of the brand in the search engines in order to obtain traffic on the brand website and as an expert in Paid Search (SEM and CPC).
Last updated Dec 2017

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