In addition to the Natural Health Practitioner curriculum, the Naturopath receives specialized training in naturopathy. This makes it possible for the practitioner to carry out in-depth treatments of chronic illnesses and functional problems.

This specialization includes: psychoenergetics (using plants according to biological terrain), oligotherapy (minerals) aromatherapy (essential oils), semiology of the biological terrain (determining the particular reactive type of an individual.) The future practitioner will also carry out several clinical case studies.

This distance education curriculum can be complemented by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Naturopathy.

Note: If you already have a degree as a Natural Health Practitioner, or a medical degree (MD), you may be eligible to take the Naturopathic Practitioner module.

  • Prerequisites: Human Anatomy & Physiology

*If you do not have a background in basic Human Anatomy & Physiology, you will need to take this course alongside your other studies. It is free along with registration for a full program.

  • Reference code: ND900
  • Hours of study: 1395
  • Credits: 93
  • Certification: Naturopathic Practitioner Diploma
  • Tuition fees: $10044 CAN | $8370 USD | €7998 EURO


The Naturopath can be part of a professional or corporate association. He or she can work in a clinic or private practice. He may give seminars or write articles ) for schools or associations. He can manage a health center or a store, etc.


  • Course 122 Vital Hygiene
  • Course 131 The Pillars of Health
  • Course 142 Nutrition Basics
  • Course 151 History and Foundations
  • Course 214 Medicines, Tests, Emergencies
  • Course 225 Electromagnetic Waves
  • Course 231 Health Education
  • Course 244 Energetics Approaches
  • Course 343 Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Course 351 The Regenerative Cure
  • Course 352 Bodily Approaches
  • Course 353 Phytoenergetics
  • Course 354 Oligotherapy
  • Course 356 Semiology of the Biological Terrain
  • Course 358 Aromatherapy
  • Course 445 Orthomolecular Approaches
  • Course 820 Health Education Clinical Case Studies
  • Course 921 Naturopathy Clinical Case Studies
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Sep 2019
1395 hours
10,044 CAD
$10044 CAN | $8370 USD | €7998 EURO
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Sep 2019
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