Msc In Architectural Engineering

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Msc In Architectural Engineering

laSalle Barcelona Postgraduate


"Architectural Engineering" It is the application of formal engineering practices and technology in the fast-paced environment, responsibility to the environment and tight cost control comprising construction nowadays.

The "Architectural Engineers" play a critical role in interdisciplinary teams in the field of construction as a result are among construction professionals are higher profits.

The Programme "Architectural Engineering" studies the low carbon design and integration of renewable energy in buildings. It is responsible for all aspects related installations in buildings to reach the required knowledge to face the challenges in the design and implementation of installations in buildings, allowing program graduates have a great foundation to accelerate career "Architectural Engineer".

This program addresses the needs of professional development as specified by the Engineering Council (ECUK) and relevant engineering institutions in the UK standard for professional engineering competence (UK-SPEC).

Allows Diploma graduates Master level or equivalent qualification level achieved a MEng and therefore obtain professional recognition by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Institute for Energy (IE). The program does this by providing:

  • knowledge that contributes to the requirements for CEng.
  • design work to a standardized level.
  • development of transferable skills to professional practice.

What do you prepare?

Accredited and highly trained professionals to work in an international framework.

specializing in the design and dimensioning of installations in building training.

Professionals understanding of the life cycles of design and that they can make appropriate decisions and design materials that meet the needs of users today and the preservation of resources for future generations. The ability to save money, increase sustainability and mitigate the organizational impact of the facility is critical.

Professionals who understand the need to mitigate future carbon emissions and adapt to future climate predictions and threats.

To whom it May concern?

Input profile:

Architects, engineers and students taking the final project they want to study International postgraduate studies in the field of facilities in the building.

Architects, engineers and students taking the final project with the need to obtain a qualification that allows them to international mobility i recognition of their competence in the field of installation, sustainability and energy efficiency.


  • Lessons online with teacher support. 120 SCQF (60 ECTS) - Development of two research projects. 60 SCQF (30 ECTS) The content of the master is organized into eight subjects and two research projects.
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