Modern Hebrew is so much more than just a language; it’s a community. We believe the best way to learn is with a supportive class and an experienced, native Israeli, teacher.

8 Hebrew Proficiency Levels, find the path that's right for you

Alphabet and Basic Language

We start by building a strong base for the language, beginning with the alphabet. Our system of learning Hebrew in Hebrew, introduces basic language concepts, familiarizing you with the foundations of Hebrew.

Objects and Expressing Feelings

Expand your vocabulary, focusing on common topics like the weather, clothing, and food. You will practice these words, using basic grammar to ensure you continue building a solid base in Hebrew.

Learn Grammar and Israeli Slang

Start to see an improvement in your speaking skills as we continue exploring grammar; introducing new verb groups and practicing them. Your ability to express yourself in Hebrew will improve with each lesson.

Explore Hebrew Texts

Part of every language is its literature. We will guide you through songs, short stories, and poetry, simultaneously enriching your vocabulary while giving you a better understanding of Israeli culture.

Israeli History and Travel

A language is a product of its history. With each new text, we read your Hebrew world will expand, revealing to you the richness of the language, allowing you to build a richer vocabulary, and strengthening your grammar.

Hebrew Through Israeli Literature

Open your eyes and heart to Israel through its culture, history, and literature at a more advanced level of Hebrew. With each new song and the short story we read, you will learn more grammar and expand your vocabulary.

Read an Israeli Newspaper

Continue reading Hebrew literature and immerse yourself in Israeli culture, while enriching your language. From newspaper articles to classic literature and poetry, appreciate the richness of this world.

Hebrew Through Current Events

At this stage, you will find yourself enjoying newfound Hebrew proficiency. Reading the newspaper, listening to current events, and speaking about different topics is the ultimate proof of your language success.

Main Takeaways

  • Hebrew Alphabet
  • Basic translation skills
  • Reading skills
  • Historical context
  • Hebrew syntax
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