MicroMasters Program in Sustainable Energy (The University of Queensland)


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Program Description

Become an energy leader of the future. Learn how to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a low carbon energy system to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

Learn about the complex nature of energy generation, distribution and supply, and the challenges of transitioning to a sustainable energy future.

Our world is facing an energy crisis and we need professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge across science, policy, and industry to help organizations prosper in the low carbon economy.

This MicroMasters program will equip you with the knowledge to take on these challenges.

You will explore the crucial role of technology, policy, and innovation in energy project management and development and grasp the importance of balancing the trade-offs between social, economic and environmental considerations.

You will gain a deep understanding of sustainability and risk management principles that you can apply to your own situation where it intersects with the complex world of energy.

This MicroMasters program certificate will showcase your in-depth knowledge of the dynamic nature of sustainable energy generation and supply.

This MicroMasters program certificate may allow you to take advantage of the opportunity to be accepted into the Master of Sustainable Energy at The University of Queensland and accelerate degree completion.

Job Outlook

  • Global renewable energy employment reached 8.1 million, a 5% increase, in 2015 (International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA))
  • The average salary for energy engineers in the US is $80,489, and $56,085 for energy consultants (Glassdoor)
  • Career prospects include: energy regulations or energy efficiency consultant; energy markets analyst; energy advisor or planner; project manager in renewable energy; business development in energy; operations manager in energy; energy efficiency engineer

What You'll Learn

  • Define sustainability and its implications for global energy
  • Describe the principles of energy generation, supply, and demand from the range of available technology options
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of energy technology options for different locations
  • Define the role of science and policy in transitioning to a sustainable energy future
  • Understand scenario planning, risk assessment, stakeholder management, communication and engagement skills

What is a MicroMasters Program?

Developed to advance a career and born from Master's programs of leading universities, MicroMasters programs are a series of higher-level courses recognized by companies for real job relevancy and may accelerate a Master's degree.

MicroMasters Program Details

How To Earn The MicroMasters Credential
Complete and successfully earn a Verified Certificate in all four ENGYx courses with a pass of 70% or above. Then complete the Capstone Assessment, which involves (2) graded assessment tasks and a further task to demonstrate ownership and originality of your work.

Take Your Credential To The Next Level

You can combine your MicroMasters program certificate with on-campus courses at The University of Queensland (UQ) to earn a Master of Sustainable Energy (MSE) degree.

Learners who successfully earn the MicroMasters program certificate and obtain a pass of 70% or above are eligible to apply for the Master of Sustainable Energy program at The University of Queensland. Learners who have earned the MicroMasters program certificate would be eligible for 6 academic units (24 academic units are required to complete the MSE degree).

More Information

  • Average Length: 10-12 weeks per course
  • Effort: 10-12 hours per week, per course
  • Number Of Courses: 5 Courses in Program
  • Subject: Engineering, Science, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies
  • Institutions: The University of Queensland
  • Institution Offering Credit: The University of Queensland
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcripts: English
  • Price (USD): Originally $1495 USD, now $1345.50 USD for the entire program. You save $149.50 USD.
Last updated Sep 2019

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