MicroMasters Program in Predictive Analytics for Business Applications (The University of Edinburgh)


Program Description

Accelerate your career in analytics

Program Overview

This is the age of Big Data. Market forecasts indicate that worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics solutions are expected to reach $189.1 billion this year, an increase of 12% since 2018. IDC expects worldwide BDA revenue will be $274.3 billion by 2022. (Source: IDC)

Organizations hold more information about their business environments than ever before. Increasingly, these organizations are recognizing the role of data science in gaining insights and out-thinking competitors. As a result, there is a growing demand for employees and managers who have advanced analytics skills and the ability to make informed decisions that drive organizational success.

Predictive analytics is being adopted across many business sectors to predict trends and build models that support proactive business decisions and identify both risks and opportunities.

This MicroMasters® program has been designed by the University of Edinburgh to equip you with the skills to successfully set up and deploy your own predictive analysis. The program breaks the process down into four key parts that will help you to develop strong capabilities in this field.

You will be introduced to the major concepts used in a predictive model, learn how to prepare data for modeling, and build predictive models using a range of statistical and machine learning methodologies on a variety of real-life datasets. You will discuss, evaluate, implement, and test each approach to get you acquainted with performing a solid predictive exercise.


This MicroMasters program is intended for those who have an undergraduate level or equivalent professional experience/background in mathematics, statistics or similar subject area (linear algebra, calculus, etc.). Previous experience with a procedural programming language is beneficial (Java, C, Python, Visual Basic, etc.)

What you will learn

  • Identify various business settings in which predictive analytics can be used.
  • Formulate a predictive model suitable for a broad range of problem scenarios.
  • Build and use predictive models both for classification and regression problems.
  • Implement insights into Python.
  • Interpret predictive models to solve business problems, and critically reflect on their outcomes.

Job Outlook

  • Demand for Business/Management Analyst roles in the USA is predicted to grow by 14.3% over the next 10 years, attracting an average annual salary of $81k. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (projected growth) and Burning Glass analysis)
  • Skills such as Python and machine learning are in very high demand in virtually every business sector.
  • A deep understanding of predictive analysis has become pivotal to business success.
  • Career opportunities include business analyst, data scientist, and management consultant.

What is a MicroMasters Program?

MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate-level courses from top universities designed to advance your career. MicroMasters program certificates showcase deep learning and in-demand skills to employers and can help you get started on a path toward completing an advanced degree.

How to Earn a MicroMasters Program Certificate
To earn the program certificate, learners must complete and successfully earn a verified certificate in all four courses in this program, in addition to the final project.

From Program Certificate to a Master’s Degree
MicroMasters programs are designed to offer learners a pathway to an advanced degree and can count as credit toward completing a Master’s degree program. Learners who successfully earn this MicroMasters program certificate may apply for admission to a Master’s program, and if accepted, the MicroMasters program certificate will count towards the degree.

Learners who successfully earn this MicroMasters program certificate can apply to the on-campus Masters in Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh. Successful completion of the MicroMasters program does not guarantee acceptance to the Master’s but, if accepted, the 30 credits awarded from the MicroMasters program will be recognized as credit obtained towards the 180 credits required for the full MSc.

Last updated Sep 2019

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