Mba with specialization in internationalization strategies and practices


Program Description


Atlântico Business School is an institution of Higher Education aimed at providing training, both at the Bachelor and Master level and at the MBA and Postgraduate level, in the field of Business Sciences, with special emphasis on Finance, Taxation, Marketing, Resources Human Resources, International Management, Information Systems, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work.

The Atlântico Business School seeks to train senior executives with a structured, high quality and relevant training, with a solid scientific preparation combined with a real practical component. After completing their courses, students will be prepared to manage companies or create and develop businesses, will be able to analyze concrete problems in business life, with specific knowledge in the areas of specialization chosen.

Access Requirements

Bachelor's or equivalent professional experience


  • Managers who want to move to the internationalization area
  • Companies wishing to start an internationalization process
  • Companies that want to optimize and / or streamline ongoing internationalization processes
  • Entrepreneurs and managers of companies in the process of internationalization


Module I

Leadership and Personal Development (6ECTS)

Module II

Emotional Human Resource Management (6ECTS)

Module III

Information Systems Strategy (6ECTS)

Module IV

Economics for Managers (6ECTS)

Module V

Applied Finance (6ECTS)

Module VI

Strategic Marketing (6ECTS)

Module VII

Digital Marketing and Internet Business (6ECTS)

Module VIII

Business Strategy Cases (Internationalization) (40ECTS)

Module IX

Communication Workshops (2ECTS)

Module X

Internationalization Seminars (6ECTS)

Module XI

Option Workshops (10ECTS), which can be:

  1. Internationalization Success Cases
  2. Communication and Image
  3. Digital Economy and Business on the Internet
  4. Strategies in Community Fund Management
  5. Structures and Instruments of Financing and Support to Internationalization
  6. International Trade
  7. Option Workshops of Other Specializations
  8. Workshops to be defined according to the needs inherent to each case being studied


The Methodologies adopted are typical of a Business School built in accordance with the philosophy emanating from current practices in the best Schools in the European Union and the United States. The governing bodies of Atlântico Business School have a remarkable proactivity in relation to the concern with the formats and methodologies of the Teaching practiced at Atlântico Business School, evidencing its character of Business School, always turned to the applicability, in business environment, of the acquired competences Students throughout the course.


At Atlântico Business School, special emphasis is given to real case studies, projects of different natures, individual or group work, simulation games, among others.

The exams can be carried out face-to-face, online or may focus on the development of several individual and / or group work.


The course tutors panel is comprised primarily of corporate and academic professionals who can pass on to students real work experience and practical examples from their experience of business activity.

Dr. Adelino Cunha; Prof. Doctor Jorge Sequeira; Prof. Doctor Henrique Diz; Prof. Dr. Ana Lisa Moutinho; Prof. Doctor João Monteiro; Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Serra; Dr. Vasco Marques; Prof. Dr. João Paulo Peixoto; Dr. Fátima Araújo; Prof. Dr. Charlemagne; Dr. Cristina Azevedo.

Career Opportunities

This is the fundamental opportunity for all Managers, irrespective of their basic training, who wish to project their career or Company to new horizons. The IESF Executive MBA is an excellent platform and the decisive step to launch the future in other levels of capacity, competence and innovation.

Last updated Jul 2017

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