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Program Description


The pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies are developing in a complex and highly regulated environment. The research of new drugs is quite expensive and lacks time availability.

For this reason, pharmaceutical marketing professionals must be prepared to face the challenges they face on the road to success of the brands they manage.

This MBA specializing in Pharmaceutical Marketing offers the opportunity to graduate and develop skills in business management, marketing, branding and digital communication in order to implement strategic plans for products, services or companies with the best strategy, adapted to all The regulations in force.

Through this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the complexity of the pharmaceutical environment to be able to effectively manage the pharmacy or the pharmaceutical laboratory
  • Learn how to devise an on-off marketing plan in both the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries and follow up on it, setting goals and monitoring their behavior to reorient the actions of the plan if necessary
  • Acquire the theoretical and practical resources that allow professionals to build sustainable "pharmacy brands" and "product brands" that respond to market demand and that are successful over time

Software licenses included:

IMF Business School, in partnership and collaboration with SAGE, a leading enterprise management software company, offers students, at no cost, educational licenses for the following programs:

  • Sage Nominaplus
  • Sage Contaplus
  • Sage Facturaplus

Access Requirements

Bachelor's or equivalent professional experience


This Master is aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, aiming for the student to be able to implement a successful Leadership strategy, as well as enable him / her to assess the suitability of a business strategy, analyzing the marketing plan on which it is based, So the desired results for your company.

  • Graduates wishing to specialize in the field of Pharmaceutical Marketing, especially recommended for Graduates in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Medicine, Biology and Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacists interested in learning to design and implement a tactical and strategic marketing plan in their Pharmacy
  • People working in companies related to the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Any Pharmacy professional or Pharmaceutical Laboratory that seeks to specialize in the commercial and marketing areas


Module I

Organizational Structure and Strategic Direction of the Company

  1. Principles and Foundations of Strategic Management
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Fundamentals of strategy formulation
  4. Implementation of the strategy
  5. Strategy and management of change
  6. Types of companies

Module II

Economic Framing

  1. Fundamentals of economics and business
  2. Company and financial statements
  3. Fundamentals of financial accounting

Module III

Financial management

  1. The role of financial management
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Investment analysis
  4. Forms of financing

Module IV

Marketing and Commercial Management

  1. Marketing concepts and policies
  2. Market studies
  3. Sales forecast
  4. Business action plan
  5. Approach to the world of marketing
  6. Elaboration of the digital media plan
  7. Digital Marketing Competition Analysis
  8. Channels for projecting marketing campaigns

Module V

The Human Factor in the Organization

  1. Business organization and change management
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Compensation policy and incentive systems
  4. Control panel for people management
  5. Knowledge management response to multiculturalism
  6. Management of individual and group behavior

Module VI

Personal and Management Skills

  1. Approach to management skills
  2. Implementation of management skills
  3. The leadership. Personal and key management skills
  4. The leader in the organization
  5. Emotional intelligence applied to the development of management skills
  6. Internal and external communication

Module VII

The Pharmaceutical Environment

  1. The pharmaceutical market
  2. Structure of a pharmaceutical laboratory
  3. Access Marketing
  4. The drugstore
  5. Clinical opinion leaders (KOL's)

Module VIII

Pharmaceutical Marketing

  1. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Marketing
  2. Marketing plan I. Analysis
  3. Branding
  4. Marketing plan II. Strategy
  5. Marketing Plan III. Operational plan

Module IX

Relational Marketing and Digital Channels

  1. Relational Marketing Fundamentals
  2. Today's digital world
  3. The new market research
  4. Digital pharmaceutical research. New applications for new markets
  5. Digital Marketing Plan

Module X

Master's Final Work


English course

Basic, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced
The student can choose one of the four levels


The MBA - Specialization in Pharmaceutical Marketing offers a totally flexible methodology adapted to your needs, regardless of geographical location or availability of time.

E-Learning Methodology: All content will be available on the campus virtual campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any mandatory schedule so it becomes extremely flexible. In this way, it is easy to reconcile an active professional life with an excellent academic formation.

All contents are updated with great technical rigor, are easy to understand and have a clear practical vocation.

The IMF Business School offers its students:

  • Personal tutorials (chat, phone, email)
  • Webinars
  • Discussion and discussion groups through forums and chats
  • Self evaluation tests
  • Case studies and documentation
  • Possibility of live lessons
  • Virtual Library


Continuous evaluation as one advances in the study of the MBA - Specialization in Pharmaceutical Marketing. Each module is evaluated through the combination of online exams and case study development.

The achievement of the double degree, Master IMF Business School + Master Camilo José Cela University, is subject to overcoming all modules and preparing a final evaluation work.


The Course Tutors Panel is comprised primarily of corporate and academic professionals who can pass on to students real work experience and practical examples from their experience in business activity.

Download the programmatic content to know the Panel of Tutors.

Career Opportunities

Students who pass the MBA specializing in Pharmaceutical Marketing may work in:

  • Pharmacies
  • Companies or Marketing Agencies of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Advertising Agencies of the Health Sector
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical Business Schools
  • Pharmacies Hospitalares
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