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Program Description

With the Master MBA you will gain a strategic vision in a global business environment

The EAE Business School online MBA program is designed so that managers and experienced entrepreneurs can Manage and act on change and develop in highly competitive environments and markets. To this end, it provides, from the managerial Global and strategic vision of the functional areas and their interrelation.

Objectives of the Master MBA Online - Master in Management and Business Administration: What will your participants achieve?

  • Strengthen your knowledge in business management.
  • Boost your managerial skills for decision making.
  • Master the techniques and management tools of the different functional areas of the organization.
  • Develop a global and integrative vision of business management.
  • Successfully address new business trends in the environment.
  • Improve and boost your career.

The MBA Online Master will put you at the forefront of innovative companies with international projection

The economic and financial crisis of recent years, coupled with the dynamics of globalization and the growing impact of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the business world, has led to the emergence of New paradigms and management modelsN that pursue more efficient management models. In addition, the current trend is pushing organizations to look Expand and diversify their markets With the aim of detecting and taking advantage of new business opportunities. A circumstance that forces companies to have professionals with broad management skills and prepared to meet these challenges.

The program EAE Business School's online or blended MBA Has been specially designed to respond to this scenario. Based on a methodology of high performance and academic requirements, this master program provides experienced managers and entrepreneurs with the indispensable tools to To lead the transformations of the business world, To act in the face of change and to develop in increasingly competitive environments and markets. For this purpose, this MBA offers, from the managerial Global and strategic vision of the functional areas of the company and their interrelation, Enriched with the Networking Which is established between the participants. In turn, it offers a wide range of resources that make this master one of the most complete. Among them, the development of a Business Plan tutored Throughout the program and participation in a Business Game, A simulator that allows you to face real problems of the current company. All this with the guarantee of One of the 30 best business schools in the world (According to the Latin American Ranking 2014 of America Economy). In addition, EAE is the Second most reputed school in Spain (As is clear from the Merco 2016 Ranking) and One of the 50 European business schools that offer a better index of employability To its MBA students, according to the Global 200 Business School Report, produced by QS.

Online MBA curriculum - Master in Business Administration

  • Business strategy.
  • Marketing.
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Management control.
  • Logistics, operations and quality.
  • Change management.
  • Business success stories.
  • Business organization.
  • Management skills.
  • Human capital management.
  • Fiscal planning and management.

Sectoral intensification

Students have the possibility to take the MBA with a specific sectoral intensification.

This intensification allows the student to deepen or supplement their knowledge of the sector selected.

The sectors you can choose from are:

  • Social Security
  • Service companies

Intensification Development Methodology

The completion of the intensification will be linked to the development of the Master Final Work (TFM). Any MBA student must complete the TFM, which can be:

  • Company Plan
  • Application functional area
  • Investigation project

In any of these 3 cases the student will be able to do the TFM related to the socio-sanitary sector or that of service companies.

In these cases the student will have in the Virtual Campus additional contents specific to the sector that will help him in the realization of the TFM and will have the advice of a tutor expert in the matter.

Learning methodologies: blended online and blended distance

EAE Business School is committed to practical and active learning by the student. The objective is to ensure continuous improvement and immediate application of what has been learned, and for this is based on:

  • Learning resources.
  • The exchange of experiences with teachers and other students.
  • Team work.

The student is at the center of the training activity

Online Distance Methodology

It is flexible and allows the student to acquire the knowledge according to their training needs and availability of time.

Blended Blended Methodology

It combines the advantages of face-to-face training with the flexibility of Online Distance training through the virtual campus.

It offers participants 20 classes or face-to-face sessions, to choose from more than 160, and one to one face-to-face tutorials.

Formative axes

  • Active teacher advisor.
  • Virtual campus.
  • Conferences in management.
  • Meetings with managers.
  • Interactive contents.
  • Discussion and analysis classroom.
  • Business success stories.
  • Webinars.
  • Business game.
  • Business plan.

Double degree: EAE Business School and University of Barcelona-IL3

Students who successfully complete the program will obtain a double degree of MBA - Master in Business Administration and Management from EAE Business School and the University of Barcelona-IL3. The Master has a tuition charge of 60 ECTS credits (European Credits Transfer System).

To gain access to the MBA - Master in Business Administration and Management, it is necessary to have a university degree and professional experience. The professional experience allows sharing knowledge based on the contributions of each participant, from their training and professional responsibility, in the situations raised by teachers.

Benefits for participating students

Practical business success stories

The participants know and learn from the real experiences of prestigious and recognized companies of national and international scope.


Alumni EAE is a joint initiative of students, alumni, faculty and business community that serves the more than 70,000 current and former students trained at the school since 1958.

Alumni aims to strengthen the career plan and give continuous training to all its members offering a wide range of services and benefits.

Cycles of conferences and seminars

Participants can attend the conferences, seminars and other activities organized by EAE Business School on a regular basis on topics of greatest interest to the student community.


Students will have the opportunity to practice in different companies and institutions. These practices are a complement to the study and are developed in parallel to the MBA.

Professional careers

The Career Service is a support area for students and alumni. Our objective is to guide and accompany the student in the achievement of new professional goals, as well as adjusting their expectations and professional interests to the maximum with the labor market.

Aids and scholarships

In certain cases, depending on the profile of the student or the applicant company, an EAE Grant or the interest-free financing of the program may be chosen. EAE Business School has the following scholarship programs:

  • Development SMEs.
  • Female directive.
  • Accredited disability.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Entrepreneurs.
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EAE Business School, consciente de esta nueva realidad, apostó en el año 2007 por incluir en sus programas las metodologías formativas de Distancia Online y Semipresencial Blended. De este modo sus alumnos pueden beneficiarse de las muchas ventajas que ofrece el hecho de poder estudiar a distancia: Read less