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Develop the ability to define, structure and plan sustainable business models in increasingly complex and changing environments in the world of business in Central America, which may be consolidated in their natural markets and, consequently, access to international markets.

Reinforces and deepens the competence to manage, operate and control the strategy of the business model through the resources of the local and regional environment. Strengthens the ability to communicate effectively, projects, results, plans, knowledge and reasons supporting the business idea to specialists and non-specialists.

Timing Management: Sorting the DM process

The program is a unit CONTENT AND METHOD, where students, energized by the teachers, develop their ability to identify and decide what is important in every business situation, learning to prioritize management effort and go the goal of enabling seize the opportunity.

The student develops the ability to energize the will of the organization on common objectives and criteria in the context of an evolution of strategic coherence.


Promotes the development of skill-oriented view of the decision and the action management thinking.

From your experience with the new acquired knowledge, students in each class participates in a process of analysis and decision to a business situation, identifying problems and opportunities through reflective dialogue and observation, where the combined efforts of the whole integrated students and active participation of the teacher. In a dynamic reflection and practical application of knowledge, the student develops gradually, four major areas of thought and action:

Foresight: Current and future capability assessment (economic trends, technological, etc.) environment to determine threats, risks and opportunities.

Systems Thinking: Ability to view business models and integrate all the elements that structure consistently: MKT, Technology, Process, etc.

Economic and financial thinking: Identify and manage financial need and current profitability and future consistent with the business model.

Leadership: Ability to manage the mobilization of personal commitments in order to implement business models and development.

With these areas of development, the program is structured:

23 Online courses, which delves into the various areas of knowledge, with a practical and comprehensive view, from the perspective of the management process.

International Two Weeks: classroom and intensive courses, in which the ability of learning to do and be the business creation process and the implementation of the strategy is developed.

Business Plan, where students have the opportunity to conceptualize and structure a new business model from the perspective of the entrepreneur.

Added values:

Conferences through ISEAD tv with international business leaders, where the shared experience of the speakers, and strengthens the comprehensive student development vision and performance criteria in its Leadership Role.

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