Mba in internationalization of companies (online)


Program Description

International markets open business opportunities for companies and institutions as well as work for those who wish to orient their career in this area.

What will you learn in this course?

When you finish the course, you will be able to manage your company in different geographic, linguistic, legal and cultural contexts by obtaining a solid knowledge of the principles and techniques of business management in international contexts. Will be able to design, implement and direct the activity of your company in new markets

Content of the program

Basic concepts of business management: country analysis, strategy, market research, logistics, international contracting, cost accounting ...

  • Financial management.
  • International marketing.
  • International financing in the short and long term.
  • International taxation.
  • Multilateral markets and institutions.
  • Digital environment.
  • Business project of internationalization of a real company.

Where, when and how?

Wherever you decide, because the course is fully online and you can access the ICEX-CECO Virtual Campus at any time and from any place, with great flexibility adapted to the needs of students who usually have an intense professional activity . The course has a duration of 522 teaching hours between the months of September 2017 and September 2018.

The learning is carried out with a faculty formed by professors-tutors, professionals in exercise and with extensive teaching experience and frequently using real cases of internationalization. The academic activity is carried out with different means and techniques, through readings of technical notes, resolution of cases, participation in forums of debate, assistance to webconferences, among others.


  • To train professionals capable of leading the process of internationalization of their companies and organizations (both private and public), designing, implementing and directing the opening of new markets.
  • To train professionals with a solid knowledge of the principles and techniques of business management in the international context and in the main areas such as economic-financial, marketing and market analysis, strategy, logistics and distribution, technology and legal and fiscal environment, among others.
  • To transfer to the students the vision, form of work and own methodology of the specialized professionals in the international context, through a faculty that incorporates the best specialists with practical experience in the international arena combined with an ample teaching experience.


  • The MBA is extended, in the academic part, during an academic course, from September 2017 to September 2018. It has 522 teaching hours imparted totally under methodology on-line.
The learning is carried out on varied activities and real practical cases that will allow the student a very complete vision of the subjects treated.
The contents are organized in modules (subjects) whose duration is one or two weeks. Each module has a teacher-tutor expert in the field.
Each module starts with an activity plan that indicates the tasks to be performed each day of the week and the time available for each one of them. The student, in addition to the comprehensive reading of the documentation, must carry out the proposed activities. Among them, practical exercises and cases of different types are presented individually or in groups, which are tutored by the teacher, as well as self-assessment exercises. In addition, it is usual to hold forums for discussion or debate on a topic raised by the teacher, along with webconferences to resolve doubts, debate and conclusions.
The online methodology of ICEX-CECO allows to combine the daily activities of the student with the work in the course.
Periods of rest and recovery are established that serve the student to resume activities that could have left pending.
The teaching-learning is centered on the pupil and the group. The exchange of information between teachers, invited experts and students is constant, allowing knowledge to be built not only from the theoretical contents, but from the interaction between all participants in the course. This interaction is an essential part, as the world of international business increasingly relies on networking or networking.
The maximum number of students in each group is reduced.
The estimated dedication of studying materials and carrying out activities and exercises proposed for each of the modules is 12-15 hours per week.


  • Start of the MBA on September 25, 2017
  • End of MBA September 2018
  • Duration: 522h


Phase 0 (4 Weeks- from September 25 to October 20, 2017)


  • Handling Tools - Virtual Campus.
  • Course Leveling Accounting and Finance.
  • Search and analysis of information on international markets.

Phase 1 (8 Weeks - October 23, 2017 through January 26, 2018)


  • International economic environment and country analysis.
  • International business strategy.
  • Market research.
  • Logistics, operations and international distribution.
  • Legal environment and international contracting.
  • Cost accounting.

Phase 2 (13 Weeks - January 29 to June 22, 2018)


  • Financial Management and Management Control.
  • Marketing and International Negotiation.
  • Short-term international financing.
  • Technology and Innovation. Web 2.0. Digital environment.
  • Financial and non-financial support to internationalization.
  • International long-term financing.
  • International taxation.
  • Multilateral markets and institutions.
  • E-Master Sessions.

Phase 3 - September 2018


The students will carry out a final MBA project, based on a real company, consisting of simulating the internationalization of a company in a market or geographical area.

The internationalization business project will be developed throughout the course with the help of a specialized tutor and will be presented in September 2018, after completing the MBA lecture.


The MBA in Internationalization of Companies, develops knowledge and skills in advanced areas of the international management of the company and other institutions.

addressed to:

  • Postgraduates who wish to develop their professional career in the international field in companies or organizations, while developing a solid knowledge of business management.
Professionals from different fields who wish to deepen the study of the international aspects of the company.

Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are evaluating the internationalization of your company or who have started it and need to reinforce their preparation for it.

Evaluation and Certification

  • Each student will be evaluated individually according to the work developed and their level of participation.
After completing each module, the student is evaluated by his / her tutor, who takes into account the participation and assessment of the different activities programmed, such as practical cases, participation in forums and chats, reading of articles and technical notes, resolution of questionnaires , among others.

In addition, a final assessment of the student is made by the entire faculty. Once the MBA is completed, it is notified if the MBA has been passed and the corresponding title is issued.


  • The application for registration must be made from the option of "Request Admission" in the own page of the MBA of our website
The registration period is open from February 17, 2017, reserving the places by strict order of arrival of the application.

The admission of candidates is resolved by the Academic Direction until the maximum number of students per group is completed, taking into account for them aspects such as the curriculum vitae, academic record and, if applicable, professional profile of the student, which will be requested in the Time of registration. If you have any questions regarding the admission process of the MBA in International Commerce, you can do so from the "Request Information" option on the MBA page of our website.

ICEX reserves the right to cancel the program when the number of participants does not reach the minimum established according to each case.


  • Tuition fees amount to 4,900 euros for the full MBA, Which will be paid once or in a deferred manner:
    • 1,000 euros as a "reservation of place" to the notification of the final admission to the MBA, within the registration period.
    • 10 monthly installments of 390 euros each, to be paid in the first 10 days of each month, from October 2017 to July 2018 inclusive. The non-payment of a monthly payment implies the cancellation and loss of the place in the MBA, losing all the rights granted by the registration.
The first payment will be made by bank transfer, the student should send proof of the same by email to The remaining payments will be made by direct debit. The non-payment of a monthly payment implies the cancellation and loss of the place in the MBA, losing all the rights granted by the registration.

Those candidates who do not make the payment of the reservation within the stipulated period will lose their right to the reserved place. Since the payment of the reservation of place constitutes the acquisition of a right, the income realized under this concept will not be reimbursed. The amount of the enrollment includes the online teaching, the Documentation and didactic material of support in virtual format, as well as the tutorials of the Project of end of MBA

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