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Integra practice and fundamental theory of international business through the study of real and concrete problems and conceptualizing them as part of the new theories.

Develop practices to handle the logistics business processes and strategic skills that a company operates in a global context and interpersonal skills to exert a transformative and deeply humanistic leadership with clear outlines of belonging in terms of public official.

Dota skills to develop international business opportunities from the identification of export supply and its projection in external markets and acquire skills to decide how to input and process most appropriate bargaining in foreign markets.

Creates, designs and implements business enterprises or organizations that operate in areas of international markets.

Timing Management: Sorting the DM process

The program is a unit CONTENT AND METHOD, where students, energized by the teachers, develop their ability to identify and decide what is important in every business situation, learning to prioritize management effort and go the goal of enabling seize the opportunity.

The student develops the ability to energize the will of the organization on common objectives and criteria in the context of an evolution of strategic coherence.


The experience of the Master of Business Administration with specialization in International Trade, in each class starts with a question, "What is the problem?" The answer is built together in dialogue between teacher and classmates. The teacher is a dynamic process of the decision maker.

The student experience becomes the most valuable asset in the learning process. The student is the real actor and grows by exercise in their ability to observe and structure the decision, it is a student-centered and learning enriched by the student.

Global study team

Each class is unique because it develops from the experience of one's peers and energized by the teacher. The class student individually prepares to participate in a collective experience of discovery and learning, in which each one can go by modeling the ability of the decision maker process. The level of managerial experience of the participants is central to the program as they are the actors in the analysis of the cases, discuss, share and discuss both years and in international forums weeks.

Students from different parts of the world, bring diversity into the classroom to enrich the process of interaction and learning.


The virtual education methodology ISEAD moved the case method online training system. The pedagogical model is based on competency-based training and leads to autonomous and independent learning of each student in an environment of interactive debate and reflection on the diversity of students in the program.

Classes are taught via the Internet with a continuous interaction with teachers and students in the practical analysis of cases. Moreover, by a specially assigned tutor, the student receives personalized support to each group, in all matters of academic life throughout the program.

The participant accessed through your personal page to all documentation (topics, readings, cases and other materials). Each class develops over the week, which facilitates a systematic understanding and analysis of the issues being addressed with sufficient flexibility and time for reflection, discussion and analysis of the cases in the class forums. After the meeting, the teacher includes conclusions result of debate on the practical case under study.

This methodology moves from a quick and easy method of participatory teaching of the best business schools in the network, with the possibility of establishing ties with participants from different countries and cultures in real time.

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