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Students interested in continuing their education after earning a bachelor’s degree may decide to pursue a master’s degree. Completing a master’s enables students to gain further in-depth knowledge of their chosen field of study. It usually takes students two years to fulfill the requirements of this degree.

What is a Master in Urban Development? Studying urban development enables students to gain extensive knowledge regarding efficient ways to develop both urban and rural settlements. Students may review case studies to learn how numerous factors influence development, such as population size, geography, weather patterns, culture and economic activity. Courses may also focus on infrastructure requirements, urban challenges and strategies for providing viable resources to remote rural communities across the world. Sustainable development and environmental preservation may be additional course topics.

As students work towards completing their master’s degree, they will likely strengthen their problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking capabilities. Enhancing these skill sets can benefit graduates throughout their careers.

Cost is often an important factor when considering degree programs. The exact tuition and fees a student will pay varies from school to school. To determine the cost of attending a specific school, prospective students should contact the admissions office.

Obtaining a Master in Urban Development enables graduates to pursue a variety of career paths. Graduates could, for example, seek employment with their local government as a city manager, program coordinator or project leader. Some people may also wish to work for public or private organizations that focus on community planning and development. Other individuals may pursue opportunities as researchers or instructors, or seek employment within the nonprofit sector. Graduates may find additional opportunities as sustainability consultants or environmental managers.  

Whether interested in completing courses online or on-campus, prospective students can find schools around the world offering Master in Urban Development programs. To find the best fit for your goals, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Other options within this field of study:

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Other options within this field of study:

Smart City is defined as a holistic system that interacts with human and social capital using ICT-based solutions. Its objective is to achieve sustainable development and ... [+]

The enormous growth of the urban population that has occurred in the last decades and that is expected in the future, forces the cities to face new challenges. In this context, and with the appearance of new technological solutions, the concept of Smart City has emerged as an alternative that seeks to address the problems of the city with a comprehensive and connected vision. Currently, more than half of the population lives in urban areas, a figure which is expected to rise to 70 per cent by 2050. In addition, to date, 70% of global wealth is generated in cities.

It is for this reason that the budgetary policies and efforts of central governments in cities are increasing significantly in a large number of countries, as these are considered the basic engines of economic growth. If we focus on the European Union, currently more than 60% of the population lives in cities, generating 85% of the wealth according to the Green Paper on Urban Mobility (EC, 2007).... [-]

Spain Spain Online
November 2019
18 months

The Master aims to facilitate the practical application of the subjects taught. This is why we are currently collaborating in two different urban environments. Miranda de ... [+]

URBAN REGENERATION, REHABILITATION AND DESIGN. DATES: Free and Customized. Recommendation: 9 months (October-June) MODALITY: ONLINE CREDITS: 60


The Master is born from the requirement to train professionals with an innovative profile, specialized in the management and development of the aspects that have characterized the citizen and urban contesto in recent years.

We believe that we can create a new professionalism capable of planning and managing urban and rural environments through new technologies, new sustainable and intelligent management systems and above all respect for a safe, healthy and sustainable HABITAT.


Graduates who are interested in forming their professionalism in the regeneration and management of the urban and citizen system, with special interest in citizen collaboration, sustainable rehabilitation and design as engines of regeneration.... [-]

Spain Salamanca
September 2019
9 months