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Typically awarded only after the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree proves academic expertise in a certain field. It is because of this acquired expertise that more professionals than ever before are pursuing postgraduate degrees.

For the tech-savvy individual, or those interested in computer science or engineering, a graduate-level degree in technology may be of interest. What is a Master in Technology? This degree program has several specializations, but it typically focuses on the science, development, and management of technology; therefore, it may be a perfect degree for those interested in computer engineering, information technology, or even tech startups.

As with any degree program, the focus is on professional development; however, every field of study may offer benefits both personally and professionally. For instance, the Master in Technology degree, with its focus on management and development, may also teach advanced computer, communication, and problem-solving skills.

While cost and time commitment may be important to any academic pursuit, it is difficult to specify either because it varies by location and university. Typically, a master’s program will take anywhere from one to two years of full-time study to complete.

As the technological field has seen significant growth over the years, those earning any degree in technology have numerous career opportunities available. For those who achieve a Master in Technology, they may find careers as computer analysts, computer programmers, and systems analysts. They may also pursue their own startup ventures; however, with the high demand for tech-savvy individuals, especially those with advanced degrees, it may not be necessary to pursue their own venture.

As with any degree program, seeking out accurate information is important; therefore, those pursuing a Master in Technology may want to research all relevant information from the universities of their choosing. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Open University Of Cyprus

The postgraduate program "ADMINISTRATION, TECHNOLOGY AND QUALITY" has as its main mission the provision of specialized knowledge and practices in the fields of Management ... [+]

The postgraduate curriculum Management, Technology and Quality Has as its main mission:

The provision of specialized knowledge and practices in the fields of Management, Technology and Quality. In addition, it enables graduates to apply this knowledge and skills to their work environment. The preparation of high-level executives to act creatively and productively.

More specifically, the Program has the following objectives:

To contribute to the graduation of executives who will have modern and complete knowledge of accounting processes. Student understanding of theoretical and applied accounting issues. The analysis of the financial statements with the use of specific scientific tools aimed at drawing conclusions on the economic course and the future of an economic organization with the ultimate goal of making the most effective decision making by its executives (or external users of information such as Potential investors). Providing knowledge and appropriate tools for educating students in the economic way of thinking and applying economic theory to domestic and international businesses. In-depth research such as tracking business financing needs, working capital management, inventory management, debt management and cash management. Consider alternative forms of business financing. Recognize students' legal and ethical obligations as professionals and members of society. Develop students' communication skills using various tools. To develop the student's critical thinking on how emerging technologies can be better used in the business by looking at the increase in the technical data, information and knowledge of the organizations. Provide a good foundation for the information and technology systems that are needed in the modern... [-]
Cyprus Cyprus Online
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2 years

The online Master in Management of Technological Projects of UNIR you with a 100% professional orientation as a first level manager in the management of technology-based ... [+]

Take your online Master's Degree in Technological Project Management at UNIR

The online Master in Management of Technological Projects of UNIR you with a 100% professional orientation as a first level manager in the management of technology-based projects.

Advance in your professional career and become a Director of Technology Projects. With this official master's degree in design and management of technological projects, you will develop the necessary skills to design, direct and implement IDI (Research, Development and Innovation) programs, both national and international, and technology-based projects with public or private funding.

You will acquire knowledge in managerial skills , and in methodologies and concepts about design and project management . In addition, in this master's degree in management and online project management you will have internships and a Master's final project.... [-]

Spain Logroño
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1 year
Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)

The Master in Environmental Engineering and Technology makes a review from the technical point of view to the different environmental problems derived from industrial act ... [+]

Talking about environmental engineering is synonymous with referring to a relatively new science, which is part of engineering, and that integrates ecological, social, economic and technological issues: therefore, it will have a lot to do with the concept of sustainable development.

It is precisely the objective of environmental engineering to propose solutions that contribute to the performance of a sustainable load capacity and a preservation of natural resources for the improvement of the quality of life. However, combining economic growth with sustainable development is often complex, and may even seem contradictory, so it is the job of the environmental engineer to develop solutions that contribute to the country's growth in the framework of sustainable development. In his professional performance he will have to diagnose, design, implement, investigate, administer and undertake the possible solutions to needs presented in society in the respective work area or sphere of action.... [-]

Spain Barcelona
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6 - 24 months