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A master’s degree is a postgraduate degree. Following the successful completion of a bachelor’s program, students and professionals may seek a graduate degree, such as a master’s, to demonstrate expertise and knowledge.

Those interested in sports, or who have completed a bachelor’s program in sports medicine or another sport-related degree, may be interested in a graduate program focused on sports studies. What is a Master in Sports Studies? This program typically focuses on exercise and sports; however, the main focus is providing foundational skills in sports management, finance, and administration. Many scholars pursuing this degree are interested in coaching at a university level.

While a graduate degree in sports studies may provide certain professional advantages, it may also offer benefits in an individual’s personal life. For instance, a Master in Sports Studies, while focused on the development and management of athletes, teaches effective exercise regimens, time-management skills, and financial skills.

A typical graduate degree takes anywhere from one to two years to complete; however, this varies by location and institution, as does the cost associated with the degree. To understand the full commitment and cost associated with the degree, it is important to reach out to a specific institution.

With a Master in Sports Studies, there are many career opportunities available. Graduates with this expertise and knowledge can pursue careers as personal trainers, coaches, and even physical therapists – with the right medical background. The degree’s focus on team and athlete management can make degree holders extremely beneficial to college teams. Additionally, the focus on administration may lead to careers behind the scenes as team owners and even managing partners.

To find the right Master in Sports Studies program for you, it is important to research the universities and institutions that provide such a degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Setanta College

A key aim of the programme is to enable practitioners to integrate knowledge from a range of fields into the generation of performance solutions. This Master of Science p ... [+]

Course Background

A key aim of the programme is to enable practitioners to integrate knowledge from a range of fields into the generation of performance solutions. Teaching and learning methods will be based on a blended learning format that will include a combination of online lectures, independent study, work-based assessments, residential stay weeks and regular forum contributions. Through these methods, practitioners will gain advanced knowledge of the theories and scientific principles that underpin sports performance, exercise and coaching.

This programme provides the basis for the macro and micro planning decisions that underpin effective performance coaching. In total, we provide a coherent approach to managing and applying current skills and practices necessary to advance the conditioning and monitoring system for the applied coach or practitioner within a development, elite movement, exercise and sporting environment. These modules, together with the practicum, will enable the practitioner to make effective decisions regarding the programming of enhanced movement quality and fitness/conditioning development in a progressive manner. Further, the modules will enhance the practitioner’s capability to critically appraise and integrate technology into an effective performance plan within their respective environments.... [-]

Ireland Ireland Online
September 2019
84 weeks
Online & Campus Combined