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School Psychology

Master’s degree programs, which are available from many different schools, can help students become experts in their field and qualify them for advanced careers. These programs require students to have received a bachelor’s degree in a related field before beginning their graduate program.

What is an online Master in School Psychology? This academic program, which typically takes about two years to complete, allows students to study and earn their degree online using the internet to submit assignments, collaborate with peers, and listen to lectures. In the school psychology program, students learn how to work with children and teens, and help them navigate the many mental, emotional, and physical hardships they may face at home or at school. Along with the required coursework covering topics such as lifespan development, learning theories, educational psychology, and the theories of psychology, many schools also require master’s students to write a thesis paper in order to complete their degree.

Receiving an online master’s degree can be very beneficial for graduates, as this degree may lead to incredible professional opportunities. Earning it can also help students better develop their skills in data analysis, communication, and the foundations of psychology.

The cost to obtain a Master in School Psychology varies for each student. Students should research their chosen program thoroughly to be certain that the program matches their budget and educational goals.

Individuals who earn a master’s degree in school psychology graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be a school psychologist in many different settings. School psychologists may also find careers as guidance counselors, family counselors, substance abuse counselors, and therapists in public or private schools, colleges, universities, and technical schools. Other graduates may work as psychologists or counselors in non-traditional school settings, such as orphanages, juvenile detention centers, and daycare centers.

Online master’s programs are gaining in popularity due to the increased convenience and flexibility that they offer to students. If you would like to learn more about earning your master’s degree online, simply search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of Science in Applied Psychology

Sacred Heart University Online
Online Full time Part time Open Enrollment USA Fairfield

Step up as an agent of positive change with an MSAP from Sacred Heart University. We believe that success in a variety of industries and career fields begins with a fundamental understanding of people and their behavior. [+]

Top Online Masters in School Psychology. We believe that success in a variety of industries and career fields begins with a fundamental understanding of people and their behavior. So many industries, community service and non-profit organizations in the world today need applied psychology leaders. Step up as an agent of positive change with an MSAP from Sacred Heart University. Our MSAP is a uniquely versatile credential offering two concentrations as well as a general track. Built on a research-driven core, our MSAP is taught in small, highly interactive online classes by an award-winning faculty. A bachelor’s in psychology is not required, and students may select from three different capstone completion options. Your desire to understand human behavior in order to help others grow and succeed is sure to take your career to great new places. Three concentrations: Industrial-Organizational Psychology Apply psychology in the workplace with the Industrial and Organizational concentration. It will open opportunities in industrial human resources to help companies improve workforce satisfaction and productivity. By studying personnel management, organizational behavior, performance assessment, and employee development, you will gain skills and experience that can be applied to a variety of industries. Community Psychology The Community Psychology specialization is designed to help you apply psychology theory to groups on a macro level in the expanding public and non-profit sectors. Learn how psychology is applied to the care of individuals and the general public and work as a change agent for the greater good. Help to put societal systems into place that focus on preventative measures for groups of the population. General Track Choose four electives that reflect your personal and career interests. Your MSAP degree will be instantly recognized whatever career path you choose. Sacred Heart has been consistently ranked among the top masters colleges in the country. Due to state regulations, Sacred Heart University’s online programs are no longer accepting applications from residents of the following states: Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon. [-]

Master's Degree In Prevention And Treatment Of School Harassment (bullying)

Online Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment Portugal Lisbon + 1 more

GO TO LEARN: To provide a scientific and professional training to ensure adequate capacity to participate and to prepare the development of programs and actions for conflict resolution [+]

WILL LEARN TO: Provide a scientific and professional training to ensure adequate capacity to participate and to prepare the development of programs and actions for conflict resolution in the educational field which, in turn, serve to help the educational community in the improvement and innovation of the conditions and processes of non-university education. Understanding the phenomenon of school violence from a new social vision. Being able to differentiate what is School Bullying (Bullying) than not. Being able to distinguish the different types of violence. Solve cases for practical application. Recognize the stages of evolution of the violence. Knowing the characteristics of the School Bullying (Bullying) in different stages of growth. Know the strategies for prevention, intervention and follow-up needed to stem the violence in classes and their different evolutionary stages. Develop coordination strategies of school. Put in place strategies of educational and social leadership. Understand and promote the presence of significant adults in schools to enhance the capacity in students to deal with problems, overcome obstacles and resist the pressure of adverse situations. Understanding the School Bullying (Bullying) from a multi-causal and dynamic perspective, in order to differentiate it from other forms of violence in the classroom. Being able to prevent and detect situations of school harassment (bullying). Understanding the need to include social work in full learning each subject from strategies that place school student in an active position. Value the importance of the school environment coordinator and strategies based on educational and social leadership of teachers. To become a trainer of trainers in order to incorporate new strategies for academic and social learning in the classroom, promoting teacher training teams. Being able to build coexistence projects suitable for various school settings. Promote application of intelligence and emotional control in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships with the key objective to improve our socio-emotional resources. Aware of the importance of self-control and self-regulation of the emotional sphere (emotions, affections and feelings). Assimilate the knowledge offered from a comprehensive analysis of the socio-affective and emotional sphere as optimization via interpersonal relationships. Apply the knowledge provided about basic emotions and emotional archetypes (love, joy, sadness, etc.) in peer relationships and interpersonal bonds. REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCESS: Must have University Title university degree for the license. Duration: Minimum of 8 months and a maximum of 16 months from the date of registration. Mode: Material available in printed book format or PDF + Rating and tutorials through the Virtual Campus Formación Alcalá. The Master in Prevention and Treatment of School Harassment (Bullying) has permanently open enrollment. The student can enroll at any time and start the program after formalize their registration. Diploma: Diploma Master certified by Universidad San Jorge. Language Study and Work: All study material is in Spanish. But the Portuguese-speaking students can submit their work and questions in Portuguese teachers, tutors and colleagues. Examinations and Thesis are also elaborated and defended in Portuguese. Number of hours: 1,500 Credits: 60 ECTS METHODOLOGY: Virtual Campus Professor-Tutor keeps the updated documentation, answers questions, guide learning and assessment. Personal Learning: The knowledge of each student contrasts with the rest of the students, performing a collaborative learning through the Virtual Campus Case Studies: It is based on case study method. Physical Media: The student receives 7 bibliographic volumes edited by Formación Alcalá. [-]

Master's Degree In Psychological Intervention In Prevention And Behavior Problems In School

VIU Valencian International University
Online Part time 1 year April 2017 Spain Valencia

The Master in Prevention and Intervention in Psychological Behavior Problems in School of the VIU is the perfect training to meet these needs, as it opens more job options in Spanish schools. [+]

Top Online Masters in School Psychology. Master in Psychological Intervention Prevention and Behavior Problems in School What will I learn? You will learn the techniques of conflict resolution and mediation and intervention to prevent major behavioral problems in the classroom (discipline, defiance of authority, breaking rules, abuse in school, disruption in the classroom, disorder with attention deficit hyperactivity, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, violence, bullying, bullying, etc.), to work in the Coexistence Plan. In addition, this program will provide training to conduct field research on problems and behavioral problems in education. Why study this degree at the VIU The autonomous communities, responding to regulatory requirements of the legislation, are taking action to promote and improve school life, among which is teacher training in conflict mediation. The Master in Prevention and Intervention in Psychological Behavior Problems in School of the VIU is the perfect training to meet these needs, as it opens more job options in Spanish schools. In addition, the methodology classroom online classes through videoconferencing allows teaching can be taught by teachers located anywhere in the world. This allows participation in the Master of the best experts and skilled professionals, without geographical barriers. Mentions or specialties This master offers the opportunity to specialize in one of three psychological therapies that can address the problems of coexistence in the classroom: Behavioral - cognitive techniques Family therapy Strategic Brief Therapy Career prospects Master / a Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Secondary Cabinets school counseling or educational psychology School educational psychology services or commissions school life School psycho mediation services and equipment Schools for parents and adult education centers Schools in prisons and hospitals classrooms Therapy centers and counseling Technical services of municipalities and Intercultural Mediation Services Leisure and free time NGOs or specific centers related to Special Educational Needs TFM The End Master Thesis includes the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. You can basically take two forms depending on the selected orientation, professional or researcher. Professional orientation. The student must take an individual TFM with an allocation of 12 credits. Students will have to develop an application project experience, for example, a Coexistence Plan based on the criteria required by regional regulations and the knowledge acquired in the master. Research orientation. The student must make a TFM with an allocation of 18 credits, which will consist of a study in which they apply and develop the knowledge acquired in the master. This work will be carried out along the course and be under the direct tutoring of university faculty or guest lecturers and consultants, provided they have the necessary academic accreditation. The TFM is governed by the Regulations on Master's Thesis of University VIU, which is available to students in the Virtual Campus. Also, the specific information for the performance of work is available in the teaching guide for the course. To present the TFM is necessary that the student has passed all the compulsory credits. Practices Students who choose the professional orientation held an internship at an officially recognized as school training center, being able to acquire that status any public school, concerted or private, according to current regulations in each Autonomous Community or a therapy center . Admission Profile The student profile recommended to study this Master is the degree or graduate who has planned exercise as a teacher of primary or secondary, as well as psychologists, school psychologists, management teams and inspection equipment. It is also a Master of great interest to professionals Pedagogy of Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry. Admission Requirements  Applicants must complete the registration form, which can be downloaded from the website of the university, together with the curriculum vitae and certificates accrediting the merits alleged. Applications for admission to the director of the Master will be directed. The selection committee will do an interview via videoconference to the pre-registered to assess the adequacy of their training. Selection will be based on the following criteria: Academic record Information derived interview The admissions committee will consist of a member of the Commission on Quality of Valencian International University, the director of the Master, a doctor and lecturer Dr. Master, elected for the director of the same. [-]