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Best Online Master's Degrees in Sales 2018


An online master’s degree may build off of a bachelor’s degree. This postgraduate study can give students a mastery over a specific field of study. Some students use this degree as a stepping stone for higher education. A master’s degree may be finished in as little as one to two years.

What is an online Master in Sales? This program of study is designed to give students an expertise in research, marketing and sales strategies in order to increase the sales capabilities of a business. Some courses may focus on laws and regulations, drawing up price strategies, designing distribution networks, budgeting for a business, negotiating contractors and managing interdepartmental or interagency collaborations. This master’s degree may focus on in-class discussions, hands-on research projects and group projects.

A Master in Sales may give you a leg up in the business world. Thanks to the important skills and knowledge gained, you may be a competitive candidate who qualifies for promotions and raises. A master’s degree might lead to executive-level positions within prestigious companies.

The cost of an online Master in Sales is not universal. One university may charge per credit while another has a set price for the degree. If you want to get an estimate for tuition, it may be best to contact the school or schools you are thinking of attending.

Before you start the degree, you may want to think about your career options. Someone with a Master in Sales might be able to become an executive sales representative, sales department manager, sales consultant, marketing manager, sales plan developer, sales trainer or director of marketing and sales. The exact career you get may depend on your other experience and education. This degree can also be used as a stepping stone for further education.

It is important to find a program that suits your needs. When you are ready to apply, the process is typically easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master Online - Marketing And Sales

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado
Online Part time 14 months September 2018 Spain Madrid Spain Online + 1 more

The Master in Marketing and Sales enables you as a specialist in this business area, allowing you to occupy positions of managerial responsibility [+]

Master Online - Marketing and Sales

The Master in Marketing and Sales enables you as a specialist in this business area, allowing you to occupy positions of managerial responsibility.

What are the program objectives?

The objective of the Master in Marketing and Sales is to train specialized managers able to respond to today's changing market, anticipating their needs and finding opportunities through the acquisition of knowledge and skills and typically commercial marketing.

Why Choose Us?

The learning methodology is based on the "case method", video classes, virtual sessions and interactive exercises. The student has a weekly schedule of work and personal follow a tutor. The faculty consists of professionals in the business.... [-]

Master Online In Marketing And Sales Direction

EAE | Programas Distancia
Online Part time 12 months September 2018 Spain Spain Online

The objective of the Online Master in Marketing is to empower the participants to plan and develop innovative marketing and sales management strategies. It emphasizes the mastery of techniques and tools specific to this area to influence in advance the demand according to the orientation of the market. [+]

Become the strategist your business needs Creative, innovative, effective: become the strategist looking for companies with this master in marketing

The objective of the Online Master in Marketing is to enhance the ability of the participants to Plan and develop innovative marketing and sales management strategies. Emphasizes the domain of Techniques and tools Specific areas of this area to influence in advance the demand Depending on market orientation.

Objectives of the Master in Marketing and Sales Management: What will your participants achieve? Know the new trends in marketing and implement the most appropriate strategies in each moment. Analyze consumers and new distribution channels to offer competitive responses, tailored to their needs. Develop personal skills and competences of communication and leadership. Access the address of the Marketing Department. Acquire the keys to designing effective campaigns and managing commercial teams ... [-]

Master In Marketing And Sales

ADEN Business School
Online Full time February 2019 Argentina Mendoza Panama Panama City Colombia Bogotá Medellin Guatemala Guatemala City Ecuador Quito Costa Rica San José El Salvador San Salvador San Miguel De Tucuman Honduras San Pedro Sula Tegucigalpa Bolivia Santa Cruz Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Paraguay Asuncion Nicaragua Managua Chile Santiago Peru Lima Mexico Mexico City Buenos Aires Cali Spain Barcelona Madrid San Juan Resistencia Neuquén + 38 more

The Master in Marketing and Sales has been designed for a completed 100% online, wide flexitime, absolute geographic independence [+]

THE MASTER IN MARKETING AND SALES It has been designed for a completed 100% online wide flexitime absolute geographic independence

It has 9 specific modules of the disciplines of marketing and sales, which will allow the creation of memorable experiences that enhance the loyalty of your customers.


At the end of the completed Master Marketing and Sales, the participant will have achieved the following transfer targets:

Change the way we do marketing companies Knowing the process of creating demand Learn to apply neuromarketing in decision-making Determine different social behaviors and how communities are formed Apply different forms of experiential marketing Develop an action plan relational Design and implement a successful Value Proposition Understanding the commercial phenomenon, from understanding and strategy development management experience Define and develop tools for business management Implement a business plan with a strong emphasis on selling Evaluate the role of the parts of the plan, as well as the impact of each decision on the implementation and commissioning Review, evaluate and improve sales management practices within the company Plan the necessary commercial structures to achieve through sales teams, solid relationship with the client Identify necessary and effective tools for sales teams achieve their professionalism in the face of increasingly demanding markets To determine the impact of business decisions on results recipients ... [-]

Master Sales And Customer Service

Campus Universitario Europeo
Online Full time Part time 6 months September 2018 Spain Málaga A Coruña Madrid + 3 more

In this Master, the subjects related to taxation in the company and the investment of both financial and material assets are studied through the different courses. [+]

Master's Degree Sales and customer service In this Master Professional CUE, through the different courses, With the taxation in the company and the investment of both financial and material assets. The training that develops the Master Professional CUE is aimed at providing the Necessary tools for professional development, since, in addition to acquiring the founda- Theoretical components, have a highly developed practical component.

to whom it May concern?

All students will be able to acquire the necessary skills to carry out the activi- Within the companies, in order to satisfaction. Sales techniques will be another of the fundamental pillars of this training program, Offering the students the necessary tools for a satisfactory sales process And customer information.... [-]