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Renewable Energy

A master’s program is a focused degree that requires about two years of classwork, research, and possibly a thesis paper to earn. This advanced program of study allows students to further specialize their schooling in an area that interests them.

 Topics of renewable energy courses include wind power, photovoltaics, solar and thermal energy, and grid integration. This knowledge can be an asset for professionals who are called on to evaluate the suitability of various sustainable energy options.

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish universities regulate access to their own degrees and they fix the academic fees. They can also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees. The capital city Madrid has possibly the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and a very active nightlife.

Online Masters in Renewable Energy in Spain

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Masters In Renewable Energy

IMF Business School
Online Part time 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

The master in renewable energies IMF, aims to train professionals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop and implement renewable energy in different areas: administration, companies or energy industry. [+]

Online Master's Degrees in Renewable Energy in Spain. The field of renewable energy advances at an amazing speed, and still today, the first choice in power generation worldwide. We live in an ideal place to study a masters in renewable energy sources (RES) situation. Last year investment in renewable energies worldwide for the second year exceeded investment in traditional energy. The current energy framework implies the need for specialized professionals trained technicians with expertise in the energy environment. Experts who master the situation of energy sources and types of renewable energy (wind, solar, photovoltaic, thermal, mini hydro, biomass ...), financing lines, energy efficiency, and everything related to the world of renewable energy. The master in renewable energies IMF, aims to train professionals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop and implement renewable energy in different areas: administration, companies or energy industry. Companies seek technical increasingly need to put a business projects in the area of ​​RES. Therefore, the training program in renewable energy master MFI is designed in order to deepen their use, different uses, the technical feasibility of projects and the environmental impact of these. By studying renewable energies students get a specialization in the area and an approach to the design, development, installation and maintenance of generating facilities. Society and businesses are increasingly aware of the need to seek alternative renewable sources, either by corporate social responsibility or response to public opinion. For this reason, a wide range of professionals around the world of green energy business... [-]

Master's Degree In Renewable Energy

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)
Online Part time 1 - 2 years Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

The Master in Renewable Energy presented here provides a central part, which forms the core of the program, detailing the particulars of the ways ... [+]

Master in Renewable Energy

Throughout history, groups have selected their energy systems based on two sets of variables: availability of technically and economically viable.

Only recently has seen a new variable that may involve the acceptance or rejection of an entire energy system based on the environmental impacts of their use cause: the environmental factor.

Thus, in the immediate future, this factor should be seen as a crucial element with capacity to influence the configuration of potential alternative energy systems of a country. This will be particularly important when evaluating and comparing different energy sources and resources for a sustainable world. ... [-]

Masters In Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid
Online Part time 12 months Spain Madrid

The main objective of the Master is the presentation and implementation of the necessary measures to implement and operate the main sources of renewable energy, presentation of the principles on which the ESCOs, tools for monitoring and optimization are based notions consumption and audit application frameworks, legislation and energy rating of buildings, projects and facilities ... [+]

Online Master's Degrees in Renewable Energy in Spain. In recent years there has been an unprecedented growth in the energy sector at European and international level, in response to social demands, political and economic bet for a better use of energy and generation of it through sources not pollute the environment. Action Plans Renewable Energy, both nationally and internationally, they envision a highly competitive labor market in the coming years in the areas of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies, which already exists today high demand professionals trained in these areas, but also with a level of demand in terms of high theoretical and practical knowledge, only achievable through college. The title of Master in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency offers the possibility to engineers, technical engineers, architects and technical architects to acquire the knowledge and experience required for the operation and management of renewable energy (solar, wind, clean vectors, biomass and biofuels , etc.), knowledge of the electricity markets and Charges, energy audit, energy rating of buildings, bioclimatic architecture, legislation facilities, internationalization, and in general all project management based on energy efficiency or renewable energy to compete in the current and future labor market in this growing field of professional activity. The lessons for the Master in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency are official and the curriculum is published in the Official Gazette number 67 of 19 March 2014. Addressed to Engineers, technicians, engineers, architects and technical architects who need to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary for... [-]

Masters In Management Of Renewable Energies

Vértice Business School
Online Part time 6 months Open Enrollment Spain Madrid Málaga + 1 more

Vertex title Master of Business School + 3 Advanced Course titles Rey Juan Carlos University, one for each block that composes. (17 ECTS) [+]

The Master in Management Renewable Energy deVértice Business School has a highly professional approach is taught by professionals with extensive experience and prestige in companies, and explores the exploitation and analysis of economic profitability of projects and environmental viability these through an eminently practical training. Students who attend our programs, expand their networks with professionals from other companies and countries, and end acquiring a personal differentiation, which facilitates the employability and improving their career. GOALS Analyze viable alternatives to traditional energy sources, depending on the energy needs of each geographical area and the international framework by which the use of renewable energy in the various countries of the world are encouraged. Provide the students knowledge concerning how to boost clean energy and improve global energy efficiency. To provide students with knowledge on resource assessment, design, analysis of technical and economic feasibility, optimization and management of facilities for the use of different sources of renewable energy. Instruct students in the application of new technologies in production, distribution and consumption of energy. Knowing the factors that will participate in the new international energy order based on distributed generation and use of renewable energy. Provide students with guidelines and interpersonal skills and knowledge necessary for good decision making and enable him to manage potential conflicts in the organization from a professional and ethical perspective. Our methodological resources: Teacher instructional videos on different subjects Manuals with the content of each subject Thematic discussion forums Activities and Case Studies Online assessment tests Master final project.... [-]

Masters In Renewable Energy And Energy Sustainability

UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona
Online Part time 10 months September 2018 Spain Barcelona

This master's degree is born to meet the challenges of the current energy and environmental context in which sustainability is emerging as the new paradigm of reference. [+]

Online Master's Degrees in Renewable Energy in Spain. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES This master's degree is born to meet the challenges of the current energy and environmental context in which sustainability is emerging as the new paradigm of reference. The curriculum addresses this concept in all its aspects and prepares students to work in companies and institutions that provide sustainable solutions and integrate sustainability into its business strategy. As shown in various reports, it is a strategic and growing sector with great prospects for creation of skilled jobs, especially though not exclusively in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. In this sense, a study conducted in 2012 by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy states that this framework will generate numerous job quality. In the case of Spain, predicts an increase in career opportunities 75% until 2020. Also, according to Citizenship and Values ​​Foundation, the forecast rise in energy demand in Latin America is 50% for 2030, which will require an increase of more than 20% of the installed generation capacity. This translates into a greater role for renewable energy, as well as a diversification of employment opportunities and significant economic growth in rural areas. Marking interdisciplinary, faculty of the Master comes from different departments of the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Law, Economics and Business and the University of Barcelona. In addition, online classes are supplemented by seminars given by professionals from major companies. With this curriculum: You will identify production systems, transport, distribution and... [-]