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Marketing and communication training is essential to create an advertising campaign that will publicize products and services in the marketplace. Students in these courses learn how to create advertisements for television, radio, digital media, and print campaigns.

It is officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is found in Central Europe. The education system structure in the country is basically in three levels: basic or primary, secondary and the tertiary levels.One characteristic of Liechtenstein is the passion that the government has for the student’s education quest. They offer scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees. They offer government projects where the leading students often get fully funded university education.

Online Master's Degree in Marketing Studies in Liechtenstein

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Become a complete marketing and communication manager, mastering the creative, productive and strategic aspects of all digital media. ... [+]

Become a complete marketing and communication manager, mastering the creative, productive and strategic aspects of all digital media.


Do you have a commercial, marketing, communication or IT background? Master all facets of marketing and digital communication and become the strategic asset essential to the development of the company. Take control of the digital strategy and gain responsibility.

This diploma course focuses on the practical application of business skills and will allow you to acquire a synthetic vision of the evolution of digital marketing and to access the most sought after positions on the professional market.

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September 2019
18 months

European Master ** issued by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) - an association governed by Swiss law ( 60-79). The European Masters is a European diploma ... [+]

TRAINING, OBJECTIVES Measure knowledge and skills to understand Europe Master the basic marketing, communication and advertising Understanding the Law of the brand, companies and consumers Grasp the overall communication strategy and its legal framework Deepening web communication and new media

A JOB on line advertising manager Responsible keywords Editorial Project Manager editorial Webmaster Head of Internet project Advertising manager Traffic manager strategic planner, webplanner Head of multimedia product Responsible partenariatResponsable cross media editorial manager



Internship or mission in company 6 to 12 weeks in the first year and 12 weeks in 2nd year Or Alternation (contact us) ... [-]
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2 years