Best Online Masters in Journalism 2019/2020

A master’s degree may be a good choice for someone who wishes to advance in their profession by developing expert-level knowledge and skills. Master’s programs most often require one to three years of study and may be available full or part time.

What is a Master in Journalism? The field of journalism has changed radically with the growth of online information sources. A master’s degree program in journalism offers coursework to help students understand the profound changes in the field, the fundamental models operating today, and the most significant issues facing both individual journalists and the news, entertainment and media organizations that may employ them.

Journalism programs can help students to develop their potential as writers, reporters, and researchers. Students typically learn to develop stories, identify sources, and place their work in appropriate publications. They can also learn time management and organizational skills to support the business side of their work and help them juggle multiple projects at once.

Each master’s degree in journalism has a slightly different focus and structure, and this affects program length and the costs of attending. It is always wise to make direct contact with the programs that interest you to get accurate information about the cost of attending.

The expansion of online media has changed the field. Graduates with a master’s degree in journalism may still seek traditional roles as reporters, writers, editors and. However, there are many new ways to research, write about, and report news and information. Journalists may write for online news and media organizations or for subscription-only print and online conglomerates. Positions as publicists, public relations and marketing specialists, and media consultants are also possible career choices. In addition to these, many journalists find that earning a master’s degree makes them eligible to teach college-level writing and journalism courses.

A master’s degree in journalism can enhance credibility and raise your profile, and there are local and online programs in most parts of the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Open University Of Cyprus

The Postgraduate Program of Studies (PPC) Communication and New Journalism of the Open University of Cyprus responds to the imperative need for knowledge and effectivenes ... [+]

Strategy, Communication Tactics and Into a Hyper-Communicative World.

Communicate, network, publish: three practices that are crucial to life, development and success in our super-communicative world. A world where The value, the image and the position of each of us, especially in the professional field, is determined by how well and effectively he practices the technique and technique of communication, networking and publishing, shaping communication strategies and implementing tactics, Ever changing Means.

The Postgraduate Study Program (MSS) Communication and New Journalism Of the Open University of Cyprus responds to this very imperative need for knowledge and effectiveness in the Media and the formation of strategic and tactical communication, combining the theoretical depth with the required practical training.... [-]

Cyprus Cyprus Online
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2 years
Instituto Universitario de Posgrado (IUP)

Faced with the changes that generates a digital environment in the structure, production and management of information, the Masters in Journalism and Digital Online offer ... [+]

Master in Journalism and Digital Communication

Students will be part of the drafting of a digital newspaper


The development of digital media and application of new technologies to traditional media professionals demand the need to adapt to new media.


Faced with the changes that generates a digital environment in the structure, production and management of information, the Masters in Journalism and Digital Online offers a global vision and a deepening practice in the new technologies available, in its application and its benefits they contribute to information processing. Internet opens up a range of possibilities and business professionals are increasingly demanding more capable of exploiting all the capabilities of the new medium in their communication channels. ... [-]

Spain Madrid
September 2019
10 months
Flexible Learning with Falmouth University

This course is designed to equip you with the writing skills, industry know-how, professional skills and experience of collaborative working that the ever-changing indust ... [+]

An online course with optional face-to-face workshops.

Early bird discount up to £1,000.


The course is designed to equip you with the writing and professional skills, industry know-how and experience of collaborative working, to meet the demands of a constantly evolving industry. It aims to create quick-thinking and adaptable graduates who stand out from the crowd and understand what it takes to work across different screen industries.

Flexible in nature, the course allows you to either develop your portfolio across different platforms or focus on the genres and mediums of interest to you. The course is delivered using a combination of live briefs, independent research and collaborative projects.... [-]

United Kingdom Saint Ives
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2 years