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An online master’s degree is a program of study that can be pursued after a bachelor’s degree but before a PhD. Most online courses allow students to participate from anywhere in the world, but some may require a degree of on-campus participation.

What is an online Master in International Management? It is a global business program intended to immerse students in the cultures and languages of countries across the globe. Students may be able to focus on a specific geographical area, such as the Pacific Rim or Eastern Europe. Other courses may look at international management in general terms. The classes you have to take can depend on your specialization and the school you attend, but examples include global management practices, global strategy, responsible global leadership, global financial management and international trade.

Students may enhance their leadership and collaboration skills while enrolled in a program, which can make it easier to find a job, get promotions and receive a higher salary. In fact, having a master’s degree may attribute to getting raises or making more than someone with a bachelor’s degree.

The cost of an online master’s degree is usually based on the number of courses you take per semester. For this reason, tuition can vary from school to school and semester to semester. Work with the university you want to attend to get a better estimate of what you have to pay.

After finishing an online Master in International Management program, you may be ready for a mid- to high-level management position within international corporations. Some scholars have gone on to become translators, international financial managers, corporate management analysts, directors of international marketing, economists, human resource officers and public relations specialists. You can also use this degree as a foundation for a PhD program or another doctoral degree.

Do some research to find a program that fits your needs. Once you are ready to apply, the process is simple. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of International Management (MIM) ONLINE

Schiller International University - Florida, Heidelberg, Madrid, Paris
Online Full time 10 - 12 months Open Enrollment USA Tampa France Paris + 2 more

The Master's of International Management MIM program has been designed to prepare students who have already completed a course of study in a non-business-related field.


Master's of International Management (MIM)

The Master's of International Management MIM program has been designed to prepare students who have already completed a course of study in a non-business-related field. The 36-credit MIM degree program can be completed within one academic year (consisting of two semesters). The coursework encompasses a variety of topics in business administration and economics, qualifying students for a future in business administration and public relations.

Many international business positions are available within the United States, but opportunities for working and traveling abroad are in abundance. In addition to basic business principles, students will become familiar with the linguistic, social, economic and political conditions and business practices of several countries. Principles in business administration, as well as the application of economics and the psychology of marketing, are covered.... [-]