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Students must complete an undergraduate degree before pursuing an online master’s degree. This program of study is intended to give students a greater expertise over a subject. An online master’s degree may be taken from anywhere in the world and can take two or more years to complete.

What is an online Master in International Finance? An online program of this nature may be designed to give students a deeper understanding of the tools and skills needed to meet the financial goals of a global organization. Some programs have different focuses, but you can expect to take such classes as business statistics, international finances, economics for administrative decisions, investment portfolio, strategies for globalization and international tax law. By combining finance with an international aspect, you may be better prepared for a job anywhere in the world.

What benefits does this master’s degree offer? Because a master’s program prepares students for mid- to high-level management positions, you may gain administrative, organization and decision-making skills. With your new knowledge and improved skills, you could become a more competitive candidate.

The cost of an online Master in International Finance can vary greatly from one school to the next. The textbooks needed for the classes, location of the school and duration of the program could all affect how much you have to pay.

What type of career could this degree lead to? An online Master in International Finance could prepare you for an executive management position in an international corporation or a leadership spot in government. The exact field you go into is likely to depend on your previous experience and prior education. Students with this education can often find job opportunities in trading, strategic consultation, sales, asset management and equity research. You could also use this education as a stepping stone for a doctoral degree.

Have you found a program that fits your needs and interests? It might be time to apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Universidad Regiomontana

The graduate of the MBA will have an integral formation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​to manage resources in technological, human and strategic management ... [+]

MBA - International Finance

The graduate of the MBA will have an integral formation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​to manage resources in technological, human and strategic management towards achieving the goals of the organizations contexts.

The professional profile suggests the formation of an executive with critical thinking to use his management skills to manage the processes of institutions optimally trained to formulate, implement, evaluate and predict changes that characterize the new environments of participation, synthesis will ecazmente an executive able to lead the organization in an environment of national and international competitiveness.

With a strategic vision and a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of senior management and leadership to generate solutions to problems of different sectors of the economy, designing and implementing strategies within a framework of sustainable development preparation.... [-]

Mexico Mexico Online Monterrey
July 2019