Online Master in Global Business

Best Online Master's Degrees in Global Business 2018

Global Business

After completing an undergraduate degree, many students choose to participate in a master program. This type of credential can improve job prospects and provide the knowledge necessary to have a successful career.

Global business is a subject that requires individuals who are well schooled in hiring, marketing, selling and accounting on an international level. Being involved in global business means you are willing to work with individuals from different cultures as well as learn new languages and customs.

Online Masters in Global Business

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Master In Competitive Intelligence In Globalized Environments

OBS Business School
Online Campus Full time 10 months June 2018 Spain Barcelona Madrid + 2 more

With the Master in Competitive Intelligence in Globalized Environments you will get the necessary training to boost your career in this area becoming an expert in markets and its main players thus opening new business opportunities within complex competitive spaces. [+]

Complexity is the fundamental characteristic of the 21st century. It occurs politically, socially and economically. It is also one of the singular elements in other fields, such as the theoretical and experimental sciences. The 21st century is the century of technological and economic complexity, where new spaces previously unknown are opening up, in robotics, artificial intelligence, or in unmanned intelligent vehicles, whose economic applications will be essential for the survival of many companies.

The economic complexity is the result of extreme competition in the context of the global economy, where there are highly competitive, innovative and technified companies, and others that seek to improve competitive assumption using new technologies to weaken their opponents, either by manipulating information or by subtracting essential strategic information from its competitors.... [-]