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Best Online Master's Degrees in Fintech 2019

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students have the option to advance their education even further with a master’s degree. In general, a master’s degree takes somewhere between one and two years to complete depending upon the student’s field of study as well as his or her pace.

What is a Master in Fintech? Fintech, or financial technology, is a relatively new field of study that combines computer science with financial services. The goal of fintech is to improve elements of the financial industry, such as banks. Mobile banking and cryptocurrency, for example, use technology to make financial services easier to access. Students studying fintech may take a variety of courses, such as ethics, data security and economics.

Obtaining a Master in Fintech takes a decent amount of hard work, so students can generally improve their time management and organization skills during their academic journeys. In addition, they can expect to gain technological skills. These abilities can help not only in the classroom, but also in daily life.

The cost of a master's degree varies from student to student. Prices will depend upon an individual’s education plan, how many years it takes and what kind of institution he or she chooses to attend. A private institution, for example, is likely to cost more than a public or an online one.

Financial technology jobs are generally in high demand, so obtaining a Master in Fintech can expand a student’s career options greatly. One potential career option is becoming an IT security specialist. Cyberattacks and computer hacking are on the rise, so financial technology companies are always looking for ways to secure their systems. Another possible career path is becoming a risk manager. This vital role is responsible for the analysis and control of a business’ financial exposure. Additionally, students can consider potential careers as SAP consultants, software architects and product owners as well.

Courses in fintech are available in person at local and international institutions as well as online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Online Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance

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The first and the only Online Masters Degree in Spain in the area of financial innovation – be on demand for the reality of tomorrow.


Why Online Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance The emergence of Internet Finance industry as a new form of traditional finance. The future does not wait The first and the only Online Masters Degree in Spain in the area of financial innovation – be on demand for the reality of tomorrow GBSB Global is an official partner of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – a world renown standard in the finance industry. Get ACCA Certification on top of the Master’s degree without a need for additional examination Program Description

The development of the internet has shifted the financial industry radically. The technological transformation and internet changed the structure and nature of the financial services industry. The banking industry is disruption by technology at every level. FinTech companies are trying to revolutionize the financial services market. The Online Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance prepares students to face the challenges of today’s financial industry. Traditional finance is losing its relevancy in the digital economy. The Online Master in financial management students will discover the new forms of accounting and financial management. The Online Master in financial management will help students to understand different forms of financial management and enable them to adapt to the dynamic changes in the finance industry, including the growth of digital banking and internet finance. Online Master in digital financial management students obtain ACCA certification at the levels of F1-F3 as part of their study plan and become significantly more... [-]