Best Online Master's Degrees in Financial Economics 2019

Master’s degrees have grown in popularity among college graduates. Some students may even aspire to work towards a master’s degree as early as their senior year in high school.

What is a Master in Financial Economics? It is the study of investment risk and how financial decisions can affect the market. Students enrolled in this program may study topics such as macroeconomics, risk management and corporate finance, and financial analysis. They may also study banking and asset pricing, and learn how to make investment decisions. Completion of research projects and or a thesis may be required in this program.

Students considering this program may wonder what types of skills they can acquire with this credential. They may acquire problem-solving skills as well as critical-thinking skills to exercise good judgement. Using communication skills is also a valuable talent that students may gain, as it can enhance their ability to present ideas, both personally as well as professionally.

As with undergraduate degree programs, the cost of graduate degree programs can fluctuate due to many factors. These factors may be the school itself, the location of the school, the duration of the program, the curriculum offered and the manner of study. Some schools may offer financial aid and or payment plans to assist students with the costs.

Financial economics may sound like an interesting field but what types of jobs can one obtain after successful completion of the program? Individuals with a special interest in investing may find employment as investment portfolio managers or investment analysts. Other graduates may find employment as data scientists, economists, stock brokers and certified public accountants. Some of these jobs may be with brokerage firms, banks, charitable organizations and government agencies.

Degree programs may be offered in person or online across the globe. Those interested should search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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IMF Business School

Get the most benefit for the company, learning to obtain maximum efficiency in financial and accounting management of the company, through accounting and record data for ... [+]

This Master enables you to:

Can analyze a company through its financial statements. Knowing the accounting information systems. Handle with ease accounting analytical tools for making the best decisions for the company. Successfully master the methodology for analyzing all kinds of investments and make the best decisions. Analyze the major developments of the General Accounting Plan: Statement of Changes in Equity (ECPN) and the Cash Flow Statement (EFE). Use management control to help improve business management. Provide the knowledge and skills required to manage the Human Resources for the future development of the organization. Effectively manage the reporting process and impact thereof. Knowing the various systems of customer relationship and its implementation in current models. ... [-]
Spain Madrid
Open Enrollment
12 months
UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

The title Master's Degree in Economic and Financial Division has a training program adapted to the current economic and financial situation, and in order to help improve ... [+]

The Master of Economic Financial Management has a training program adapted to the current economic and financial situation, and in order to help improve the skills of professionals, responds to a demand from the professional market specialization in the field of business management.

The goal is to acquire a high level of knowledge and skills that enable the professional to manage the activities of financial and accounting nature of the business and design planning financial strategies, overseeing the areas of Accounting and Management Control and Treasury, as well as the impact of the tax system in the planning and strategy of the company.

It combines the necessary for a professional finance the development of essential skills in any management matters, through practical exercises that bring the theoretical necessary in all types of training to the reality of companies.... [-]

Spain Madrid
September 2019
18 months