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Mastery In Design Of Fashion Accessories And Footwear

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona
Online Full time 12 months November 2017 Spain Barcelona

Introduce yourself in the design stages, product types, materials, as well as the production techniques of the essential products of the accessories sector [+]

Top Online Masters in Accessories Design. Introduce yourself in the design stages, product types, materials, as well as the production techniques of the essential products of the accessories sector Have you thought about how To run a fashion accessories project? How to mix and match the design of different types of accessories within the fashion industry? Do you know any field of the design of accessories but you want to enter into another type of product? All these challenges can be solved with the appropriate training, conceived by professionals from the world of fashion, professionals with a solid trajectory in the world of higher education. Through the combination of masterclass and practical projects, we will work to solve these and other professional challenges, with the ultimate goal of generating new business or work opportunities for our students. The program aims to bring us closer to the In Designer From two axes: From the point of view of design and from the strategic side. A designer must build the structure of the collection, the product approach, the target to which it is directed, in order to achieve all the interests of the company. Within this section will review all the stages that make up the process of creation and direction of the Brand: Conceptualization, Design, Positioning, Collection structure (types of complements, materials, finishes, trends, brand image ...). Also, different ways of production and distribution will be studied: Large Distribution, Local Production, EcoModa, Independent Marks or Author. In the section of Distribution... [-]