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Those who are interested in a master degree have a wide variety of options open to them. This graduate degree is generally pursued after completion of a bachelor program and can be offered in many different subject areas. Each program will vary from school to school.

Improvements made to manmade things such as tools, structures and machines are largely due to the efforts of people in the field of engineering. These people combine creativity with mathematics and worldly knowledge, resulting in innovation.


Spain (Spanish: España) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

Online Master's Degree in Engineering in Spain

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Master's Degree In Integrated Management: Prevention, Environment And Quality

Universidad Europea Del Atlántico
Campus Full time Part time 18 - 24 months September 2017 Spain Santander + 1 more

In the Master in Integrated Management: Prevention, Environment and Quality merge the fields of innovation and knowledge management in order to form integrally a specialist in Integrated Management. [+]

Online Master's Degrees in Engineering in Spain. In the portfolio of students in most national and international education systems they have traditionally omitted concepts of quality in the design of products and services, referrals or other environmental type concerning occupational safety and health. In this sense, training is essential to initiate long-term incorporating integrated in the economic and / or productive activities management strategic planning actions. Consequently, the study of a postgraduate degree in integrated management provides considerable added value for many jobs. So much so that today has almost become a requirement increasingly demanded by employers. No doubt because of the need for professionals who know and implement management systems based on internationally recognized standards within their companies. This knowledge is necessary and essential for optimizing existing resources, in order to gain competitive advantages in the company and a positive result in the community in which it is immersed. In this regard, an integrated management system must be based on a holistic model that incorporates environmental, social, ethical, economic and production and / or service delivery criteria. From a practical standpoint, this model should be instrumentalized as management standard from a series of indicators and measurement criteria for sustainability. The regulatory dispersion and the lack of unanimity of organizations such as ISO in the publication of an integrated standard has historically hindered the unification of systems, so it is not far from widespread. However, the evolution of the different versions of the standards of quality, environment and prevention of... [-]

Master's Degree In Occupational Risk Prevention

Universidad Europea Del Atlántico
Online Full time Part time 12 - 24 months September 2017 Spain Santander + 1 more

It is here where the Master's Degree in Occupational Health and Safety becomes an optimal tool for the development of training in safety and senior health, thanks to the accumulated experience in this field. [+]

Unquestionably, any work activity implies a risk to workers. This reality has created a new business need, which requires compliance with specific obligations set of increasingly stringent by employers. Such obligations are based on a set of regulations and specific regulations that depart from a body at the highest level and are gradually incorporating each of the countries, gradually adjusting to the local level. If to this is added the ever-widening social demand, which requires regulation and monitoring of safety and health, interest organizations understand, whatever their size, achieve security management and occupational health enables them to control their risks and comply with the law. It is in this aspect where the Master in Occupational Health and Safety it becomes an excellent tool for the development of training in safety and senior health, thanks to the accumulated experience in this field. The training program presented here meets the new demands, providing discretion, thoroughness and, above all, common sense, when moving the policy on health and safety organization. GOALS Objective: Train competent professionals to implement a policy on safety and health in the company, which enables the creation and maintenance of a preventive Cultra avoid accidents and occupational diseases. Specific objectives: Study the key concepts used in safety and learn the techniques used in the prevention of accidents. Knowing how to act in prevention, based on assets or above methods to the incident, including: The risk assessment as an active technique. Types of risk assessments. Methodology of an overall risk assessment.... [-]

Master's Degree In Renewable Energy

University of Europe Laureate Digital: Universidad Europea de Madrid
Online Part time 10 months December 2017 Spain Madrid

The UEM offers the Master in Renewable Energy, one titulacón backed by over 14 years of experience in teaching in their ways: face, blended learning and online. [+]

Online Master's Degrees in Engineering in Spain. The UEM offers Master in Renewable EnergyA titulacón backed by over 14 years of experience in teaching in their ways: face, blended learning and online. The sector Renewable Energy It is one of the sectors that provides a sustained growth in the coming years due to increasing pollution, emission of greenhouse gases and reducing the use of fossil fuels. This is a growing sector that requires permanent way of professionals trained and versatile. At present, companies especially demanding candidates that combine quality technical training with the essential management skills that every company requires. The renewable energy sector is no exception and requires highly skilled professionals who provide management skills to their technical knowledge. For this reason, the program Master in Renewable Energy at the European University of Madrid complete with a solid background in management skills, project management or team leadership, which will provide students with the skills required to function competitively in the sector. Academic program MODULE I. CONTEXT AND CURRENT ELECTRIC ENERGY The energy and power context conventional energy Community and national regulatory framework Energy and the environment Energy efficiency. MODULE II. HYDRAULIC ENERGY Introduction and physical fundamentals Infrastructure equipment Control systems, operation and maintenance Project of a hydroelectric plant. MODULE III. ENERGY FROM BIOMASS AND BIOFUELS General concepts thermochemical treatments biological treatments biofuels MODULE IV. PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR ENERGY Introduction Design systems connected to network Evacuation system design Design of isolated systems V. MODULE AND SOLAR THERMAL ENERGY THERMAL Description of... [-]

Masters In Operation And Maintenance Of Drones

VIU Valencian International University
Online Full time October 2017 Spain Barcelona

The market for drones is revolutionizing the world of aeronautics and contributing to schools, government agencies, countries, industries and armies reinvent themselves. [+]

The market for drones is revolutionizing the world of aeronautics and contributing to schools, government agencies, countries, industries and armies reinvent themselves. Currently, most countries have adapted laws, regulations and decrees to regulate the use of such unmanned aircraft and operated from the ground manually or on a scheduled basis and, in this context, a very important aspect is the training of pilots drone. With this background, Operation and Maintenance Master of Drones It aims to train excellent professionals in this sector. Entry requirements: Having an aeronautical medical certificate LAPL or Class 2 type. Being older. OBJECTIVES The main aim of the course is the training of professional pilots remotely piloted aircraft up to 25 kg. Only the advanced course, which allows to operate the drone inside and outside the visual range of the pilot is taught. POWERS The student after graduation: a) Possess the official Certificate of Advanced Professional Pilot RPA's, only recognized by AESA (State Aviation Safety Agency) Civil Aviation dependent, to perform technical and scientific drone work. Possessing such Certificate, guarantees knowledge by the student with regulations concerning the use of drones and aeronautical knowledge needed to manage them, understanding that the drones are considered aircraft and therefore subject to the Air Navigation Act and related provisions. b) You can design and build RPA's with the items available in the market and be able to adapt to the specific needs of the job for which its establishment is required. c) be knowledgeable about the steps to take... [-]

Master Cue - Assembly And Maintenance Management Of Wind Farms

Campus Universitario Europeo
Online Full time Part time 6 months September 2017 Spain Málaga A Coruña Madrid + 3 more

Professional Master Program in Management CUE Installation and Maintenance of wind farms to effect coordination will mount commissioning and operation management and ... [+]

Professional Master CUE - Management Installation and Maintenance of wind farms Professional Master Program in Management CUE Installation and Maintenance of wind farms, serve to effect coordination assembly and commissioning and operation management maintenance of wind and wind turbines with the quality and safety require- das and complying with current legislation. The Master will train our students to: Develop assembly projects wind power facilities. Manage the commissioning and operation of wind energy facilities. Preventing occupational hazards and emergency action on wind farms. Assemble and maintain wind turbines. Manage the maintenance of wind turbines.

To whom is it addressed? ... [-]