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Best Online Masters in Engineering Design 2017/2018

Engineering Design

Following the completion of undergraduate studies, many students choose to pursue a graduate education through programs such as an online master. An online master’s degree allows students to choose the discipline they are interested in and complete all necessary coursework. Rather than doing so on campus, it is all submitted through a web-based classroom.

What is an online Master in Engineering Design? This program is dedicated to the minutia of engineering and its intersection with principles of design. Students in such a program can expect it to be interdisciplinary and theoretical in nature. As such, some of the courses that may be included in the curriculum include Human-Centered Design Concepts, Data as Art, Engineering Education, Technical Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Innovation. These core courses will typically be coupled with electives and other courses in the engineering discipline.

This program is beneficial to students who are interested in consumer science and other fields that encourage innovation. More generally, however, it benefits students by encouraging creativity and innovation that will be valuable in any field.

You can get an estimate of all expenses for an online Master in Engineering Design by reaching out to the admissions office where you plan to enroll. It can typically offer a summary of tuition and fees.

There are plenty of career opportunities for students who earn an online Master in Engineering Design. Perhaps the most obvious path is that of design engineer, but there are many other positions and sectors that allow graduates to apply the skills they’ve learned. You may also seek work in fields such as product management, design research, consumer science or marketing. The innovative abilities developed in the program will surely be applicable in jobs such as these, too.

If you want to earn an online Master in Engineering Design, there are many schools that offer the program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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