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Employment Relations

An online master’s degree can be pursued after a bachelor’s degree or while working. Because it is online, students can participate in class from all over the world. A master’s degree usually takes between one and two years to complete.

What is an online Master in Employment Relations? This program of study is designed to give students the skills needed to efficiently build relationships within an organization. Students may gain hands-on experience with contract negotiations and career counseling. Some programs may also delve into the sociology of work culture to help students better understand how to maintain relationships. The required courses for this degree vary by university, but could include employment relations, economics, management of human resources, employment relations law and complex organizations.

Strong communication and collaboration skills can make you a competitive candidate when it comes time to get a job or get a promotion. An online Master in Employment Relations is also beneficial because it may make you eligible for a higher starting salary.

Before you start a program, you need to figure out if it is right for your budget. Looking at the cost of an online master’s degree is sure to help you in this quest. Because tuition can vary from one school to the next, you should contact the institution you are interested in attending to learn more about the cost.

This degree can prepare you for a wide range of jobs within a corporate structure. Students have gone on to become human resource specialists, directors of human resources, human resource planning technicians, human resource consultants, human resource managers and administrative trainers. You may gain the skills needed to work closely alongside co-workers, or further your education through a doctorate degree.

Do you want to start earning your online Master in Employment Relations? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Online Master's Degree In Human Resources Management And Personnel Management

ESERP Business School online
Online Part time 9 months Open Enrollment Spain Spain Online

It will allow you to master management skills, recruitment 2.0 and personnel selection procedures, as well as knowing the fundamental aspects of running a Human Resources department. [+]

Study the Online Master's Degree in Human Resource Management and Personnel Management Will enable you, among other things, to Management skills And get to know the Recruitment 2.0 and the Staff selection procedures. But not only that. In addition, you will get to know firsthand other fundamental aspects of HR department Such as hiring methods, types of dismissal and working hours, for example. During the training process, methods such as Case and simulation or the Balanced Scorecard Method, With which learning will be more complete. All this without schedules or displacements, being able to compatibilize it with any other activity of your daily life. And with the recognition of the UVIC, Which will grant you a university degree of your own once the course ends.... [-]

Master Towards Rr.hh. And Industrial Relations

Online Full time 9 months Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

The objective of this program is not only technical knowledge but also convey to train students in the skills and attitudes needed [+]

The objective of this program is not only technical knowledge but also convey to train students in the skills and attitudes needed to perform managerial functions at the highest level, combining theory and practice and facilitating learning through experiences, with order to obtain an overview of the business world.

Cerem imparts advanced training, maintaining a high level of quality through an excellent team of teachers and tutors who are active professionals and specialists in their respective technical areas.

More than 175,000 students have passed through the school accredited quality, excellent and practicality of content and training system, offered in online mode using the latest e-learning technologies.... [-]

International Master in Human Resources and Employment (Italian-Spanish)

Divulgazione Dinamica
Online Part time 600 hours September 2018 Spain Sevilla

The International Master in Human Resources and Employment (Italian-Spanish) allows to specialize their training in an emerging area of ​​our production system, [+]


International Master in Human Resources and Employment (Italian-Spanish)The International Master of Human Resources and Employment (Italian-Spanish) allows specializing their training in an emerging area of our production system, from a social approach. Divulgazione Dinamica offers this degree to meet the growing demand on the domestic and international professionals specialized and well prepared on the interlingual and intercultural, to address all needs in a context that is becoming increasingly global.CONTENTS:1. LABOUR MARKET- Employment and Training Policies- The characteristics of the workforce in our country in the late twentieth century, in relation to new technologies and new sources of employment2. PSYCHOLOGY OF UNEMPLOYMENT- Psychological theories that link the Labor and Mental Health- Approaches to be adopted by the psycho-social intervention programs that mitigate the impact of unemployment3. CAREER GUIDANCE- Define what is meant by Career Guidance, how to organize this process, what methodology to use, what type of clients attending services Guidance and analyzes the characteristics of these groups for more effective and efficient.4. EMPLOYABILITY- The process of professional integration- Active labor market policies, aimed at both enterprise creation and to promoteemployment and inclusion training5. TECHNICAL INVESTIGATION OF SOCIAL- Tools and methodology that facilitate the analysis of realityin the investigation-action6. PROJECT DESIGN- Levels of planning: plan, program, project- Levels of projects- Phases of a project- Elements of a project- Quality of the projects. Guide to Action7. NUOVA ECONOMY- Economy- Economy and Environment- Nuova economy- I nuovi giacimenti occupazionale8. MANAGEMENT COMPANY multicultural- Migration- Treatment of the difference in the organization-... [-]