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Top Online Master's Degrees in Design 2019 in North America

A master’s degree is a postgraduate study program that provides students with an in-depth and highly specialized education in their chosen field. Receiving this degree may improve job prospects for graduates by refining the knowledge and experience they have in their chosen field.

Students in the field of design studies typically learn to utilize critical thinking skills in addition to their creativity to design and produce well-designed objects. They also examine how advancements in technology, collaborative ability, and marketing impact design for interiors, clothing, accessories, and public spaces.

Master's Degree Online in Design in North America

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Other options within this field of study:
ESMAC : École Supérieure des Métiers des Arts appliqués et de la Culture

The MASTER PROFESSIONAL SDS® GLOBAL DESIGN is a European diploma from the INSHED. The training allows to be professionally operational by the beginning of your career and ... [+]

TRAINING Follow its distance learning Understand the different stages of the development of a cultural project Know drive multiple projects simultaneously. Develop a personal project. Sit a level of operational business English. Master all the multidisciplinary skills in all types of design: graphic, architecture and object. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

The MASTER PROFESSIONAL SDS® GLOBAL DESIGN is a European diploma from the INSHED. The training allows to be professionally operational by the beginning of your career and enjoy good employability, beyond even your country.


To start your training project, nothing more simple, you simply download the detailed training that interests you. From that moment :... [-]

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Learn one of today’s most sought-after skills, design thinking, to help you develop new and innovative product and service solutions. ... [+]

Innovation. Creativity. Strategic thinking. In the past year, more than 279,000 job postings have listed these skills. Another 239,000 mention design thinking.*

Why has design thinking become one of the most sought-after skills? Employers are looking for problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills to enhance the capabilities of their employees to lead their companies into a successful future. Design thinking was developed out of the processes used by designers including user understanding and user experience, however, its application may be used to address non-product oriented problems as well –from innovating a new product or service possibilities to implementing procedural change, or identifying a new strategic direction for the company.... [-]

USA Cambridge
March 2020
30 weeks