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To further studies after completing bachelor’s degree programs, students can enroll in master’s degree programs. These graduate-level programs cover a specified topic, offering in-depth study over one year to two years.

What is an online Master in Counseling? In a counseling master’s degree program, a student will likely learn about the different aspects of human psychological health. Courses usually cover topics that help an individual learn how to offer counseling services, such as ethics, philosophy and therapy basics. Programs may also allow students to choose a specific area of counseling in which to specialize, like family, marriage or school counseling. Students typically learn about counseling tools and how to assist clients towards better mental health.

A counseling master’s degree program allows individuals to learn the skills needed to advance their counseling careers. This can lead to better job opportunities and higher earning potential.

Costs of a program vary by school due to differences in programs, possible materials for each course and general tuition costs. Students should inquire with their chosen schools to get an accurate cost estimate.

Graduates of an online Master in Counseling program are typically ready to work as counselors and obtain any required licensing. Students may work in a variety of settings, which include counseling centers, hospitals, schools and institutions. Graduates may also be able to start their own counseling practice or center. Specific job titles that many graduates may pursue include career counselor, mental health counselor, school counselor, academic counselor, substance abuse counselor and marriage and family counselor. Earning a master’s degree is also beneficial for those who wish to go on to pursue a Ph.D.

If you have an undergraduate education in counseling but wish to advance in your career and possibly increase your employment opportunities, then you should consider a Master in Counseling. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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The Master in Social Mediation and Employment consists of two titles in a single accreditation (Expert, Master). These titles refer to two complementary professional area ... [+]


Master in Social Mediation and EmploymentThe Master in Social Mediation and Employment consists of two titles in a single accreditation (Expert, Master). These titles refer to two complementary professional areas that can achieve a high level of specialization.

CONTENTS:TITLE: EXPERT IN SOCIAL MEDIATION1. CONFLICT PREVENTION- Concept and types of conflict- Strategy of prevention of conflicts2. CONFLICT RESOLUTION- Gathering the materials for understanding the conflict- Analyzing the conflict. Holistic and specific- The alternative methods of dispute resolution- Mediation3. SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY MEDIATION- Social and Community Mediation- Community Mediation as a methodology- Analysis of the communal reality- Development and Community culmination of the process of mediation- Areas of Application- Evaluation of the Community Mediation4. MEDIATION: TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES- Intercultural mediation- Practice of intercultural mediation- The mediator in the mediation process: steps and recommendations- Models of intercultural mediation- Tools5. FARM MANAGEMENT OF MULTICULTURAL- The migration- Treatment of the difference in the company- Culture and intercultural relations. Keys to their farm management- Intercultural skills as a professional expertise- Intercultural training farm6. EVALUATION OF MEDIATION- Evaluation as a strategy to streamline processes and mediation programs- Concept, objectives, and functions- Prospects and approaches to the evaluation- Planning and development of evaluation- The evaluation report- Characteristics, structure, and target- Evaluation of the assessment. Improvement of measurement processesTITLE: MASTER IN TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES7. LABOUR MARKET- Policies for employment and training- The characteristics of the working world in our country at the end of the twentieth century, in relation to new technologies and... [-]

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September 2019
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