Best Online Master's Degrees in Corporate Finance 2019

The culmination of years of education, a master’s degree is sought only after a bachelor’s degree is earned. This course of study allows students to delve deeper into a particular topic with the goal of mastering the subject matter.

What is a Master in Corporate Finance? These programs are a good fit for students working in accounting or finance who wish to move into a position at an organization where the two concepts are used together. Courses typically cover topics of value, global markets, financial theory, economics and other tangible fiscal concepts. Students have the opportunity to study with professors who have worked in corporations worldwide and have firsthand experience putting these ideas into practice.

Graduates of these programs often gain more advanced organizational abilities and are poised to make business decisions that factor accounting skills into economic concerns. A newfound ability to navigate the global economy can lend itself to making international financial decisions for many companies.

Program costs can vary based on location, services offered and a school’s reputation, among other factors. When choosing a school to attend, students should always do research first. 

This graduate degree uniquely prepares students for financial functions within a corporation. Where a graduate starts in the hierarchy of these roles depends on prior experience and the structure of the organization. The ultimate goal may be a position as chief financial officer, with stepping stones in the way of treasurer, controller or financial planning and analysis manager. Each of these posts carries responsibility for critical decisions within the financial portion of a company’s plan. A graduate degree offers the sort of knowledge necessary to understand the ramifications of different strategies and make the best decisions to align with business goals.

A Master in Corporate Finance may help take your career in financial services to the next level. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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School of Continuing Education – Universitat de Barcelona

The Master in Corporate Finance is aimed to train specialists in management and financial management of the company. Your program is updated and adapted to the economic r ... [+]


Professionals in finance and the company and graduates who want to engage in corporate finance.

How can my company create value? How I can achieve more efficient management of financial resources? What financial model is right for my company? What real assets should invest my company?

In this changing world, the financial function of the company asks more than ever a great understanding and economic dominance of global markets. Finance focus on the future of the company through the study of value. They help prevent results, to better understand the financial aspects for decision-making of investors, represent an approach to the reality of the company and provide data for prediction and control of the business.... [-]

Spain Barcelona
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Life Learning

Life Learning in collaboration with Dr. Emilio Corteselli present the revolutionary "Master with Diploma in Corporate Finance Management: Become an expert in Corporate Fi ... [+]

Become an expert in General Administration and Accounting

Life Learning in collaboration with Dr. Emilio Corteselli present the revolutionary "Master with Diploma in Corporate Finance Management: Become an expert in Corporate Financial Governance" that will teach you how to become Head of Account for the management of Finance Departments and Business Administration, also will provide the information necessary to manage in a practical way the fundamental aspects of the accounting of a company in order to constantly know the economic-financial situation.

Why choose this course?

At the end of this extensive training course you will have the necessary preparation to manage the accounting teams, draft basic accounting records and related registers, manage and schedule administrative communications to public and social security bodies, etc. of the process, responsibilities and management control tools in companies.... [-]

Italy Milan
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