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Those with a bachelor’s degree may choose to further their education, often pursuing a master’s degree. These programs of study range between one and two years in length, and comprehensively cover both academic and career disciplines.

What is a Master in Construction Project Management? For individuals interested in developing high-level construction management skills, this graduate program can be a great career advancing option. While these programs tend to offer more in-depth instruction in both trade skills and management practices, there is often a general exposure to construction equipment and site needs. Courses might include building systems, sustainable designs and materials, contractor liabilities and limitations, and building information and integrated practice. Management courses might specifically cover the financial obligations and challenges of construction projects, such a scheduling, budgeting, and project estimates.

Graduates with advanced management skills can find their talents useful in many work environments. Leadership skills are displayed through strategic planning, multi-tasking, and delegation. Those with project management experience often have better sales abilities, pursue interpersonal relationships and succeed in maintaining budget restraints.

There are opportunities to earn a master’s degree in construction project management through distance learning or campus-based schools. Programs lengths vary by delivery and specialization, and some schools allow students to pursue their degree on either a part-time or full-time schedule. These factors influence program cost, and it’s best to ask the desired institution for the price of attendance.

Construction project management positions may include site manager, lead contractor or proprietor for a personal contracting company. Management positions might be available in a variety of industries that lean heavily on construction work. These areas could include real estate development, architectural firms, or building and design management companies. Other employment could be found as a building control surveyor, sustainability consultant, or site engineer.

Real estate needs, infrastructure demands and innovations in sustainability keep the construction industry busy and in need of qualified management professionals. There are global education opportunities available, making this an accessible degree for all who are interested. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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The master's structure includes a common trunk, which covers subjects oriented to the international management of infrastructures in the promotion and exploitation phase, ... [+]

Structuralia presents the Master's degree in advanced management of the promotion and exploitation of infrastructures is a European Official Masters approved by the Spanish government on November 30, 2016 with File No. 9253/2016 and ID Title 4316133 , whose curriculum has been verified by the Council of Universities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Spanish state by resolution dated March 22, 2017, who submits to the Government the proposal for establishing the official title and registration in the RUCT, and whose approval by agreement of the Council of Ministers is published in the Official State Gazette.

It is approved in the 47 member countries of the European Space of Higher Education (EHEA), Common space ratified in the declaration of Bologna of 1999.... [-]

Spain Spain Online
September 2019
1 year

The Master in Project, Construction and Maintenance of High Voltage Electrical Infrastructures has been designed by a group of authors and professors of first level, form ... [+]

High-voltage power lines are fundamental for the transport of energy and directly affect the development of a country. Become an expert in the design, construction and maintenance of this type of infrastructure. He knows in depth the phases of the project and construction of high voltage energy transport infrastructures: personnel management, safety and health, environmental management, tendering, infrastructure financing, subcontracting, etc. It distinguishes the main characteristics and singularities of the different components: lines, substations, security systems, auxiliary systems, etc. Learn the main techniques of operation, management and maintenance of high voltage power lines and their elements. At the end of the master's degree you will obtain your degree from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI). Why are you interested? ... [-]
Spain Spain Online
October 2019
750 hours