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A master program expands on one’s undergraduate studies in a chosen field to develop expert-level qualifications for stronger career options. Courses last about two years and cover material that is more in-depth than that in a bachelor or associate program.

What is a Master in Computer Arts? This program, often taken as a Master of Arts or possibly a Master of Science, covers the integration of computer technology with conventional art, as well as new forms of art unique to online and digital media. Students engage with art history and theory alongside technical training, design research, copyrighting and ethics. Specialized tracks can include animation and illustration, graphic and web design, printing, interactive content and multimedia.

Entering a Master in Computer Arts allows students to build both technical and universal career skills. Communication is essential, both with colleagues and clients, and students learn time management and how to interpret and implement a client’s needs. In addition, competency with working on group projects serves well in any career.

The expected costs of a master program generally relate to tuition for coursework and any necessary textbooks, tools or materials required. For a Master in Computer Arts, students likely need to purchase their own software. Consult with admissions or instructors for specific information.

The computer arts industry includes a broad selection of possible careers and services, and graduates from this master program can become better qualified for any of them. Animators and illustrators, working with either 2D or 3D art, can join film or game studios or take on freelance work. Graphic designers may work with clients for developing a visual brand for websites or advertising, and the changing face of the internet means multimedia artists can also get involved in web design.

A Master in Computer Arts can be taken at one of many schools of technology or fine arts. Depending on track focus, online learning can also be possible if there isn’t a need for specialized equipment. For details, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Instituto Artes Visuales

The training plan is dedicated to the transfer of this knowledge to the Internet. Grounding the work in the realization of web projects based on standards. The student kn ... [+]

The Master's degree UCAM in Web Design is an Own Title of the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) aimed at all those who want to obtain a postgraduate university in this field of digital communication.

The training plan is dedicated to the transfer of this knowledge to the Internet. Grounding the work in the realization of web projects based on standards. The student knows the main languages ​​of web design, such as HTML and CSS, the fundamentals UI-UX, responsive design WordPress.

The student has a web hosting for testing with ftp access, MySQL databases, WordPress and technical support.

Optionally the student can receive as academic material and during the time of its formation a license of Creative Cloud.... [-]

Spain Spain Online
Open Enrollment
12 months
Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona

Program that offers knowledge to understand and meet the needs, technology and real possibilities of each project. ... [+]

Have you thought about the amount of visual impacts that you receive daily from the web environment through their multiple devices?

We continually inform, seek, share, relate, interact, analyze, discard, ... information provided on the Internet. So important is the reliability of the information, as the way in which it is presented and adapted to each of the devices.

The market is essential to have professionals capable of understanding the constant transformation of the environment, understand the user to send you information and message.

Throughout the course, the student will be able to better understand and meet the needs , technology and real possibilities of each client or project to give an effective response to their objectives, as well as being able to offer graphic creative contributions that make make it a unique and innovative piece.... [-]

Spain Barcelona
May 2019
12 months