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Master’s programs offer students the chance to hone in on specific aspects of subjects they may have been introduced to during their undergraduate years. Those who want the opportunity to develop advanced skills with the support of experienced professors can often benefit greatly from a graduate program.

You may have wondered, what is an online Master in Civil Engineering? This type of graduate program allows students to dig deeper into both the theory and application of various branches of civil engineering. In most cases, scholars have to complete a core curriculum in addition to a number of electives of their choice. These courses may include higher-level studies in concrete, transportation infrastructure, water resources design, construction management and structural integrity.

Program participants who apply themselves to the material are often able to design and analyze structures like never before. Plenty of practice applying scientific principles to real-world scenarios often leads to sharp problem-solving skills. Because of the mathematics involved, students also become accustomed to intense logical and creative thinking.

The cost of an online Master in Civil Engineering is going to depend much on the university offering it. Those already working in the field may be able to cover a good portion of the expenses themselves, but it’s best to reach out to schools to determine tuition costs.

Graduates may use their education to sit for an exam to become licensed professionals. Students with good reputations may be able to solicit a recommendation from one of their instructors, a requirement from certain regional boards. Those who pass may begin their career in either the public or private sector. In some cases, new graduates are hired as junior engineers and supervised by a more experienced practitioner until they meet the requirements necessary to work as a regular staff member. Graduates with entrepreneurial aspirations may wish to open their own firms.

Various options exist for earning an online Master in Civil Engineering. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of Civil Engineering

Norwich University - Online
Online Full time 18 months September 2018 USA Northfield

Few career paths are as vital as civil engineering when it comes to creating the future of modern civilization.



Few career paths are as vital as civil engineering, when it comes to creating the future of modern civilization. Civil engineers are essential in supporting and improving aging infrastructure, developing new structures, and maintaining environmental standards for optimal sustainability.

Norwich is the first private university in the United States to offer a civil engineering program. Therefore, this program offers you a long, proven history of success, as well as contemporary relevance. Curriculum has been developed in alignment with recommendations from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and blends civil engineering technical competencies with business management principles and project management fundamentals. The comprehensive curriculum will provide you with the knowledge to efficiently manage projects from design to implementation. Our learning model combines relevant theory with real-world application for immediate results. ... [-]

Master Bim Applied To Civil Engineering

Online Full time 19 months September 2018 Spain Spain Online

The BIM methodology is a true technological revolution for the infrastructure production and management chain. The advantages of use are appreciable in all phases of the infrastructure life cycle since it improves the communication between the agents, automates the processes, facilitates the analysis and the decision making, allows to analyze the constructibility and / or to simulate the construction of different solutions even for the model As-Built gathers all the necessary information for its use and maintenance. [+]

Master's degree recognized by the Professional Certification Agency, ACP, for access to professional certification as BIM Manager

Master's degree with the University of Isabel I

BIM is defined as a collaborative work methodology for the management of building projects and civil works through a digital model of the project, which in turn is a great database for all the agents involved since the project idea was born until the end of its useful life.

But, what is BIM really?

BIM is the acronym of Building Information Modeling, To define this new methodology of collaborative work we will use each of the words that form this acronym.

The B of "Building", refers not only to the design or construction of the infrastructure, but to the entire life cycle. The use of the BIM goes beyond the project phases, covering all the execution of the same and extending over the life cycle of the building allowing the management of the same reducing operating costs.... [-]