Online Masters in Business and Economics in Spain

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Business and Economics

Spain (Spanish: EspaƱa) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

Online Masters in Business and Economics in Spain

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Master Online - Financial Markets

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado
Online Part time 14 months September 2017 Spain Alcobendas

The Master in Financial Markets and Exchange form high-level specialists in the financial area, covering practically the tools to make the right analysis and financial asset management ... [+]

Master Online - Financial Markets

The Master in Financial Markets and Exchange form high-level specialists in finance, addressing practically necessary for proper analysis and financial asset management tools.

What are the program objectives?

The objective of the Master in Financial Markets is to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve a theoretical and practical knowledge of financial markets and specifically the stock market. Students will learn the structure of a financial system and analyze the pool of assets, markets and intermediaries that comprise it.

Why Choose Us?

The online learning methodology is based on the "case method", video classes, virtual sessions and interactive exercises, ensuring practical training and student participation, focused on solving problems and not just in the knowledge acquisition. The faculty is formed by professors and professionals in the company with extensive experience in the subjects taught and recognized prestige. Customized training of the European Institute Graduate, allows daily monitoring of the student and ongoing support from tutors through a weekly schedule of activities.... [-]

Masters In Finance Department

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid
Online Part time 18 months Spain Madrid

The title Master's Degree in Economic and Financial Division has a training program adapted to the current economic and financial situation, and in order to help improve the skills of professionals, responds to a demand from the professional market of specialization in the field of business management ... [+]

The Master of Economic Financial Management has a training program adapted to the current economic and financial situation, and in order to help improve the skills of professionals, responds to a demand from the professional market specialization in the field of business management. The goal is to acquire a high level of knowledge and skills that enable the professional to manage the activities of financial and accounting nature of the business and design planning financial strategies, overseeing the areas of Accounting and Management Control and Treasury, as well as the impact of the tax system in the planning and strategy of the company. It combines the necessary for a professional finance the development of essential skills in any management matters, through practical exercises that bring the theoretical necessary in all types of training to the reality of companies. Addressed to Graduates in Business Administration and Diploma in Business Studies. They can also access the Master other professionals who, without possessing the above qualifications, have accredited accounting training. Recognition Official degree Students who meet the requirements of the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA) will be awarded the title of Master in Management-Economic and Financial delivered by the UDIMA, besides the title of Professional Master issued by the Center for Financial Studies. UDIMA REQUIREMENTS: Accreditation of university degree. Making all assessment tests and final exam UDIMA. Program ACCOUNTING AREA Advanced Accounting (3 ECTS credits) Accounting Capital instruments (3 ECTS credits) ANALYSIS AND CONTROL AREA Economic Analysis of Financial States and its impact on business decisions (4 ECTS credits) Organization of production and costs for decision making (3 ECTS credits) Strategic Planning and Management Control (3 ECTS credits) FINANCE AREA Analysis and management of financial resources (7 ECTS credits) Treasury management (2 ECTS credits) Structured Finance: Feasibility of investment projects (3 ECTS credits) Foreign Trade Finance (2 ECTS credits) LEGAL-FISCAL AREA Practice Corporate (2 ECTS credits) Practical Tax (2 ECTS credits) Income tax Tax (5 ECTS credits) Value Added Tax (VAT) (2 ECTS credits) AREA skills and competencies (8 credits ETCS) Methodology On line presence and Classroom training The system of classroom training is continuous and areas. The practical nature of the Master is reflected in the analysis of a series of elaborate and coordinated by senior executives of expert companies in finance, treasury, strategic planning, and other areas cases, the aim is to encourage teamwork approach to real situations company and find the interrelations between the different areas of the Master. The development of management skills is also an aspect addressed in the Masters. At the end of the students presented to a global tribunal this case practical. For the diploma attendance to 90 100 sessions and passing the tests proposed throughout the Master is required. On line training The training model UDIMA is based on distance education, making intensive use of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) to facilitate the educational process. Open enrollment period all year [-]

Master In SMEs

Online Full time 1085 hours Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

SMEs are the predominant business model in the Spanish economy. Is a very important in the current economic and financial world link. [+]

Online Master's Degrees in Business and Economics in Spain. SMEs are the predominant business model in the Spanish economy. Is a very important in the current economic and financial world link. Thanks to this Master, you can become a professional director of a company, you'll learn concepts from different areas of the economy, such as marketing, accounting and negotiation, among others, that allow you to manage in the business world. In addition, this Master will allow you to deepen various aspects, such as communication skills, self-financing and external financing, strategy selection, and more. Objectives: In less than a year, our students will be credited with the Diploma of Master in SMEs, and will be able by themselves: perfectly know the areas of Management and Administration of SMEs and specific models for each management. Overpower background, without any doubt, any situation with regard to decision-making, can occur in a company. Designing a marketing plan tailored to the needs of your company. Know the keys to business success and when to apply them. Be familiar with the Business Taxation, Accounting for Managers, Finance, Information Technology, etc. Dominate all legal and tax aspects of an SME. recipients: The Master in Management is aimed at SMEs: Directors and Managers of Small and Medium Enterprises Consultants. economists People who intend to create in the future an SME, or assume a position of responsibility in one of them. And in general, all those interested in the world of the Directorate of Small and Medium Enterprises. agenda: Volume I. Business Organization Volume II. Management skills Volume III. Financial Accounting 1 Volume IV. Financial Accounting 2 Volume V. Financial Accounting 3 Volume VI. Financial statement analysis Volume VII. Management Accounting and Cost Volume VIII. Finance and Business Valuation Volume IX. Marketing Management 1 Volume X. Management Marketing 2 Volume XI. Commercial and Technical Services 1 Volume XII. Commercial and Sales Techniques 2 Volume XIII. Management and human resources management Volume XIV. Prevention of occupational hazards Volume XV. labor 1 Volume XVI. labor 2 Volume XVII. Tax System 1 Volume XVIII. Tax System 2 Volume XIX. Tax System 3 Volume XX. Commercial law Terms You will receive the access codes within 24 hours of registration. In case of delayed payment, the second installment is payable within 30 days of enrollment, and the third at 60. [-]