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Business and Economics

Some universities offer online master’s degrees, which are postgraduate programs that take place entirely, or almost entirely, online. This field of study is often pursued by professionals looking to increase their expertise. An online master’s may be completed in two years.

What is an online Master in Business and Economics? It is a degree program that focuses on business strategies and economic analysis. This combined look can give students a unique perspective on how economics affect a business. Each school may focus the curriculum in different ways, but you can expect to take such classes as economics of organizations, behavioral economics development, business administration, finance, and entrepreneurship. Many programs require students to participate in in-class discussions, group projects and research to better enhance communication and collaboration skills.

An online Master in Business and Economics can be beneficial for a student or young professional looking to climb the corporate ladder. Some companies promote workers with a master’s degree while others may offer a higher salary.

One thing you must consider is the cost of the degree. Each school could have a different tuition, which is why you may want to contact the school or schools you are interested in attending to learn more about the cost. Program duration and school location are likely to play a role in what you pay.

What type of career might you be able to start after finishing your master’s program? Some students use the knowledge gained to become business administration teachers, but others join the workforce as researchers. The career you start might depend on your previous work experience. You can even use this degree as a launching point for further education. Program graduates have gotten jobs in several areas, such as corporate finance, government and international business.

Are you ready to apply? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master business administration and economics, psychology,

Ferdinand Porsche Fern FH
Online Part time 2 years September 2019 Austria Austria Online Vienna Wiener Neustadt + 2 more

interdisciplinary training win in the modern and complex world of work is becoming increasingly important. With the Master Degree in business [+]

Dear interested parties, dear customers, interdisciplinary training win in the modern and complex world of work is becoming increasingly important. With the Master study programs Business & Economics Psychology - Austria's first conceived as a correspondence course - the most Ferdinand Porsche FernFH a sound education at the interface between people, organizations and markets.

The study builds on the mediated the Bachelor's degree as well as in similar fields of study basics. It thus allows enlarging the already acquired knowledge and skills as well as a further qualification at a scientific level.

The Master's program is aimed at bachelor graduates economic and psychological studies. The aim is to provide professional, technical and managerial skills in the field of business & industrial psychology with an emphasis in Marketing Management or Human Resource Management. There are those competencies are taught that enable graduates to management or other to hold consultative role in strategic and international management.... [-]