Online Master's Degree in Global Business in Europe

Top Online Master's Degrees in Global Business 2017 in Europe

Global Business

A master program may be offered in a variety of different fields, allowing students of almost any subject to enhance their knowledge and improve their credentials. This degree generally takes one to three years to obtain, although requirements may vary.

Global business emphasizes managing, trading and dealing in industry around the world. Individuals who are bilingual or willing to learn another language, adventurous, respectful and who excel at critical thinking may be especially adept at navigating the waters of global business.

Europe is the sixth largest continent and includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Master Online in Global Business in Europe

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Master In International Trade

IMF Business School Portugal
Online Part time 720 hours Open Enrollment Portugal Portugal Online

Enhance your professional career with the Master in International Trade and specialize in this international, dynamic and ever-changing environment. [+]

Top Online Masters in Global Business in Europe. Enhance your professional career with the Master in International Trade and specialize in this international, dynamic and ever-changing environment. This training empowers you to: Obtain a systematic view to analyze events within international organizations and obtain the keys to the international trading system; Obtain an analytical and conceptual capacity, focused on efficiency and direction and decision making; Develop, design and implement marketing strategies and programs globally; Design, know and implement specific distribution chains according to the characteristics of the product, the different international markets and the customer; Achieve the keys to achieve the success of the enterprise and be able to realize a strategic international business plan to develop a business; Assimilate the legal bases and know the general regime of international contracting. Access Requirements Bachelor's or equivalent professional experience Recipients Licensed or with professional experience who need to renew their knowledge to boost professional careers and / or as a complement to training in the areas of export and import of companies Program Module I International Trade Law Fundamental concepts Subjects of International Law General Scheme of International Contracting Means of conflict resolution Module II The International Context of Trade Introduction to international trade International organizations and foreign trade International trade Main business documents Module III International Marketing and Internalization The internationalization decision Decision-making on new markets Market Entry Strategies Develop, implement and coordinate the global marketing program Module IV Commercial Direction and Management Competencies Planning a Sales Campaign Sales Team... [-]