Best Online Master's Degrees in Automotive Engineering 2019

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree often pursue master’s programs for a more thorough understanding of various subject matter. These programs range from one to two years to complete and afford students greater career mobility.  

What is a Master in Automotive Engineering? Those who study automotive engineering are well acquainted with vehicle operations ranging from initial design to manufacturing. Areas of interest may include mechanics, innovation, and production, and specialized instruction develop each area to its fullest potential. Instruction may cover general application in aviation, green engineering, energy and transport, and automotive systems. Learners may find coursework that includes advanced powertrains, vehicular electronics, manufacturing materials and infrastructure integration.  

Those with automotive engineering experience often bring many skills to the work environment. They are detail-oriented and highly organized. They often display excellent computation skills and understand the value of research and data analysis. Such skills are highly regarded in professional environments, and employing them may lead to promotions.

Automotive engineering programs average about 40 credit hours of study, and many require internships before conveying a graduate degree. These programs are completed in person, although some institutions are able to offer hybrid options. The cost of attendance varies by institution, and it is best to check with the school of interest for tuition and fees.

Automotive engineering graduates find that they are able to use their skills in design and production as well as their mechanical aptitudes in many career fields. Many find employment as engineers drafting mobility systems for a variety of industries, or they may use their skills in operation positions. Opportunities may be available to work as quality assurance managers or technical sales managers. Areas of specialization could possibly lead to employment as an inventor or consultant.

The global infrastructure of today’s society requires continual updates and innovation. A graduate degree in automotive engineering provides the skills training needed to continue working with the automotive industry and keep up with the demands of the 21st century. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Lakshveer Overseas Solution

These programs are designed to meet the needs of industry by offering young engineers the critical skills needed to be successful in an engineering career. It offers usef ... [+]

These programs are designed to meet the needs of industry by offering young engineers the critical skills needed to be successful in an engineering career. It offers useful tools and strategies for succeeding in the progressively globalized engineering marketplace as well as enabling students to experience a unique combination of technical and supervisory understanding with the relevant skills required to advance as a leader of engineering projects and teams.

Career Opportunity

Working with industry and get a promotion.

Courses Offered Master of Science in Civil Engineering Master of ICT Management (MICTM) Master of Structural Engineering and Construction Master of Philosophy (Highway & Traffic) Postgraduate Diploma In Computer Networks Masters of Chemical Engineering with Entrepreneurship Master of Electronics Engineering (By Research) MSc in Offshore Engineering Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability) Master of Engineering (Electrical) Master of Science in Construction Management Master of Science in Water Resources Master of Information Technology Masters in Electrical Engineering Masters in Mechanical Engineering ... [-]
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
February 2020
18 months

Learn one of today’s most sought-after skills, design thinking, to help you develop new and innovative product and service solutions. ... [+]

Innovation. Creativity. Strategic thinking. In the past year, more than 279,000 job postings have listed these skills. Another 239,000 mention design thinking.*

Why has design thinking become one of the most sought-after skills? Employers are looking for problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills to enhance the capabilities of their employees to lead their companies into a successful future. Design thinking was developed out of the processes used by designers including user understanding and user experience, however, its application may be used to address non-product oriented problems as well –from innovating a new product or service possibilities to implementing procedural change, or identifying a new strategic direction for the company.... [-]

USA Cambridge
March 2019
30 weeks

Take your skills to the frontline of automotive technology and become the engineer of the future ... [+]

Take your skills to the frontline of automotive technology and become the engineer of the future

The automotive industry is changing in fundamental ways. Today, the internal combustion engine is increasingly complemented or even replaced with an electric motor. Vehicles are becoming more and more autonomous, creating an ever-increasing need for better software. Consequently, skilled automotive engineers are required to meet the demands on high-quality individual mobility and transportation of people and goods, especially when considering environmental challenges and the vision of zero accidents.

In this MicroMasters program, you will learn the fundamentals of not only how a vehicle is designed, but also how to model and simulate the vehicle dynamics. Learn how to implement intelligent perception and decision procedures needed for self-driving cars and how model-based design is widely used in industry to accurately simulate the vehicle but also to design efficient algorithms.... [-]

USA Cambridge
April 2019
42 - 56 weeks