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Automation / Autonomous Systems

Many students choose to pursue master’s degrees after completing bachelor’s degree programs. This advanced educational endeavor can prepare students for careers in management positions or specialized fields.

What is a Master in Automation / Autonomous Systems? The machines, processes and outcomes involved in factories all require smooth autonomy to function well. The study of automation and autonomous systems is a type of engineering subject that develops technologies and industrial improvements to the field. Students in this type of degree program may take courses over management, process control, instrumentation, electrical engineering, industrial computer systems, networking and distribution.

Learning specialized engineering concepts is simply one benefit of earning a degree in this field. There are numerous benefits a student may gain from this type of study that can prove applicable in both professional and personal settings, including strong organizational abilities, problem-solving skills and the ability to clearly communicate with other types of people.

The cost of a master’s program can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the size and location of the university offering the program. Programs with more required credit hours may also cost more than shorter ones. Financial aid, scholarships and work study options may be able to offset the cost of earning a degree.

Jobs in this field span across the entire globe, and earning a master’s degree in the subject can impress employers and lead to more lucrative career options. Some career possibilities include working in factories as a design engineer, project manager, production manager, process engineer or supervisor. Other positions a student may pursue include electrical engineer, maintenance manager, consulting engineer and energy management consultant for nearly any corporation or business.

At many different educational institutions around the world, graduate degrees are offered with part-time and full-time study options. It is also possible with some programs to take some or all courses online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Engineering Institute Of Technology
Online Campus Part time 2 years February 2019 Australia Perth + 1 more

In this accredited and prestigious program, you will gain skills and know-how in the latest and developing technologies in instrumentation, process control, and industrial automation. [+]

The Engineering Institute of Technology is pleased to bring you the Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)** program available both fully online and on campus in Australia. Please read below for details about both delivery options.

In this accredited and prestigious program you will gain: Skills and know-how in the latest and developing technologies in instrumentation, process control, and industrial automation Practical guidance and feedback from industrial automation experts from around the world Live knowledge from the extensive experience of expert instructors, rather than from just theoretical information gained from books and college Credibility and respect as the local industrial automation expert in your firm Global networking contacts in the industry Improved career choices and income A valuable and accredited Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)** qualification ... [-]