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Top Online Masters in Game Design 2017 in Europe

Game Design

After completing an undergraduate degree, many students choose to participate in a master program. This type of credential can improve job prospects and provide the knowledge necessary to have a successful career.

Game design refers to the creation of digital media in the form of video games, online gaming content and downloadable entertainment applications. Game designers may work for themselves creating original content, or they may create media for companies, businesses, or educational corporations.

There are more than four thousand higher education organizations in Europe, from leading research institutions to small, teaching-focused universities. Europe itself is not as much different than other continents, reaching from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

Master's Degree Online in Game Design in Europe

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Master In Gamification And Transmedia Storytelling

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores
Online Full time 750 hours October 2017 Spain Barcelona

The Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling is presented as a complete training program that unites two complex and absolutely contemporary areas: Gamification and transmediality. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Game Design in Europe. The gamification and application of methods gaming world in no recreational environments is increasingly more applications and benefits in the field of business and marketing, health, education, people, etc. Why are more and more companies that bet and apply this discipline. The Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling is presented as a complete training program that unites two complex and absolutely contemporary areas: Gamification and transmediality. In these virtual collaborative environments are the games that comes with various disciplines around the 4 axis design memorable experience: good stories based on decisions made by users are counted; powerful visual aesthetic chords are designed to "target group"; game elements are assembled and final implementation platform is decided. With the Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling you learn to know the basics of gamification and the laws of Game Design and its applications to the world of business, create scripts transmedia and finally to plan, prototiparlo and run. What will I learn? Upon completion of the Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling you will be perfectly able to: Design and implement a technical plan in Gamification and Transmedia. Implement loyalty campaigns on all platforms, both analogue and digital. Know the laws of "Game Design" to ensure the implementation of "memorable experiences". Leading innovative projects in the gamification and the achievement of objectives based on rewards. Increase the participation of customers and users through game mechanics. Innovate and lead change within an existing business. To... [-]

Master In Multi-device Web Design And Programming

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona
Online Full time 12 months November 2017 Spain Barcelona

Domina any means so that the message reaches the user optimally adapted to each of the devices. [+]

Have you thought about the amount of visual impacts that you receive daily from the web environment through their multiple devices? We continually inform, seek, share, relate, interact, analyze, discard, ... information provided on the Internet. So important is the reliability of information, such as how it is presented and adapts to each of the devices. The market is essential to have professionals capable of understanding the constant transformation of the environment, understand the user to send you information and message. The Master in Web Design and Programming Multidevice covers all aspects necessary for the student to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable it to undertake, manage, design and implement projects, services and Internet applications. Throughout the course, students will be able to better understand and address the needs, technology and the real possibilities of each client or project to provide an effective response to its objectives, as well as being able to offer graphic creative contributions made it is a unique and innovative piece. In this context they will be as important keys digital design and development of skills and guidelines for monitoring a project from capturing customer requirements to the presentation of the final product. With this training the student will have a detailed overview of the entire process of creating an interactive project where the business vision, the user experience (UX) technology and interface design are at the center. GOALS The main objectives of this program are: Understanding the new ways of seeing the present and... [-]

Masters Degree In Video Game Design And Development

VIU Valencian International University
Online Full time 1 year October 2017 Spain Barcelona

Masters in Design and Game Development which two specialties are offered [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Game Design in Europe. Masters in Design and Game Development which two specialties are offered: 1) Specialty Game Design. 2) Specialty Programming. PRESENTATION The video game industry is constantly growing and demand increasingly specialized professionals day. This master prepares students to enter the labor market in a competitive way in the multiple roles that require studies creation. In the two specializations offered (Design and Programming) obtain not only the technical knowledge required for the day-to-day work, but also gain a global perspective on the creation of digital entertainment products, from tools and processes project management to sources of funding and knowledge of the various opportunities in the current market, as eSports. In addition, students will end with the skills to undertake projects on their own, an increasingly popular way in the industry today, offering good services to other developers or publishing tools and games on their own. What makes this unique master? Understand and improve the process of game development through tools and automation. Consideration by new trends as eSports, the process of gamification and technologies like Virtual Reality to maximize the impact that video games have on different audiences. Intense relationship between the knowledge acquired and its applicability in the video game industry. Entry requirements: Degree or equivalent level of education. For specialty programming: basic knowledge of object-oriented (any language) programming. For the specialty of Design: experience in creating 2D and 3D assets. Have an interest in the process of creating video games or... [-]