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Applied Psychology

A master’s degree is a graduate-level degree option. Students usually already have an undergraduate degree before pursuing a master’s degree. This program typically offers more focused study in the chosen topic area.

What is an online Master in Applied Psychology? An applied psychology program usually focuses on understanding human behavior. Programs may offer specializations in areas like community psychology and industrial-organizational psychology. Some schools even offer an option where a student can create his or her own personalized focus of study. Common courses in an applied psychology programs include research methods, consumer psychology, psychological theory and group dynamics. Most programs also include a practical or research portion that requires completing an internship or detailed thesis.

A master’s degree program is often a stepping stone to advancing a career. It may enable individuals to qualify for higher positions. Many graduates are able to pursue work in nonprofit organizations or community service organizations.

The cost of this type of program is something that can vary between schools. It is best for a student to inquire about costs from the school he or she wishes to attend.

A Master’s in Applied Psychology can enable a graduate to work in many different fields where understanding how people behave is critical. These include marketing, event planning, employee relations and career counseling. Graduates may be prepared to advance into executive-level positions with their current employer or seek out a new career path. Because students can usually choose their specialization, they are able to construct a program that helps them meet their career goals. 

If you are interested in advancing your career in the area of applied psychology, you might want to consider completing an online Master in Applied Psychology program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.





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Master of Science in Applied Psychology

Sacred Heart University Online
Online Full time Part time Open Enrollment USA Fairfield

Step up as an agent of positive change with an MSAP from Sacred Heart University. We believe that success in a variety of industries and career fields begins with a fundamental understanding of people and their behavior. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Applied Psychology. We believe that success in a variety of industries and career fields begins with a fundamental understanding of people and their behavior. So many industries, community service and non-profit organizations in the world today need applied psychology leaders. Step up as an agent of positive change with an MSAP from Sacred Heart University. Our MSAP is a uniquely versatile credential offering two concentrations as well as a general track. Built on a research-driven core, our MSAP is taught in small, highly interactive online classes by an award-winning faculty. A bachelor’s in psychology is not required, and students may select from three different capstone completion options. Your desire to understand human behavior in order to help others grow and succeed is sure to take your career to great new places. Three concentrations: Industrial-Organizational Psychology Apply psychology in the workplace with the Industrial and Organizational concentration. It will open opportunities in industrial human resources to help companies improve workforce satisfaction and productivity. By studying personnel management, organizational behavior, performance assessment, and employee development, you will gain skills and experience that can be applied to a variety of industries. Community Psychology The Community Psychology specialization is designed to help you apply psychology theory to groups on a macro level in the expanding public and non-profit sectors. Learn how psychology is applied to the care of individuals and the general public and work as a change agent for the greater good. Help to put societal systems into... [-]

Master of Evaluation

University of Kaiserslautern
Online & Campus Combined Part time 2 years April 2018 Germany Kaiserslautern

The aim of the two-year “Blended Learning Master of Evaluation” (MABLE) Program is to develop and strengthen the evaluation and monitoring capacities of government, private sector, and social organizations with a view to improving the performance of state administrations and the delivery of public services. [+]

Saarland University Qualification

The Blended Learning Master of Evaluation Program aims at developing and strengthening evaluation and monitoring capacities within the government, private sector and civil society, with regard to enhancing the performance of state administration and of public services delivery. The following qualifications are necessary to access the Blended Learning Master of Evaluation (MABLE):

I. University Degree (Bachelor, Diploma) or equivalent II. Relevant work experience(At least one year after your primary university degree). III. 20 ECTS (about 300hrs.) points in Statistics and Social Research Methods. IV. English skills Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Level B1, TOEFL CBT: 213, TOEFL PBT: 550, IELTS: 6.0, CPE: C ... [-]

UNINETTUNO Online Master in the Impact of Traumatic and/or Stressing Experiences: Prevention and Intervention Strategies

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
Online Full time 1 year October 2018 Italy Rome

Based on theoretical literature in the field and considering the many stressing and/ore traumatic events occurring in our society, we propose the implementation of a computer-based Master’s course that can offer a complete training on prevention, understanding and management of traumatic experiences by involving practitioners working on the field, technicians and public health care professionals. The programme is only in italian language. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Applied Psychology. Scientific literature highlighted the pathogenic potentials of traumas which involve a personal experience of powerlessness and loss of self-control. In recent years, empirical research has been trying to identify more distinctive and specific connections between the traumas suffered and the appearance of specific psychopathologic symptoms. First of all, it tried to define trauma considered as “an event that is typically outside the scope of common human experience” in operational terms (APA, 1980), and which involved a threat to life or serious physical damage or a threat to the physical integrity of self or of others (APA, 1994); i.e. that, by using the term “trauma”, it meant to indicate an objective event which is clearly identifiable (accident, physical violence, sexual abuse, diseases, for instance) and not to refer to generic negative and/or stressing experiences. Secondly, it pointed out that there is no unavoidable link between trauma and psychopathologic symptoms, highlighting that 70% of cases of traumatic events do not result in lasting symptoms (Kessler, Sonega, Bromet, Hughes, Nelson, 1995). However, it was also estimated that 30% of cases the immediate and long-term consequences of maltreatment, abuse and other traumatic experiences (like being involved in natural disasters or in situations of violence) lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Anyway, by these mere statistical data, we are unable to understand actual relations existing between the traumatic and sometimes complex experience and its effects in the span of life this individual is crossing. Actually, not always the... [-]

Master's Degree In Prevention And Treatment Of School Harassment (bullying)

Online Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment Portugal Lisbon + 1 more

GO TO LEARN: To provide a scientific and professional training to ensure adequate capacity to participate and to prepare the development of programs and actions for conflict resolution [+]

WILL LEARN TO: Provide a scientific and professional training to ensure adequate capacity to participate and to prepare the development of programs and actions for conflict resolution in the educational field which, in turn, serve to help the educational community in the improvement and innovation of the conditions and processes of non-university education. Understanding the phenomenon of school violence from a new social vision. Being able to differentiate what is School Bullying (Bullying) than not. Being able to distinguish the different types of violence. Solve cases for practical application. Recognize the stages of evolution of the violence. Knowing the characteristics of the School Bullying (Bullying) in different stages of growth. Know the strategies for prevention, intervention and follow-up needed to stem the violence in classes and their different evolutionary stages. Develop coordination strategies of school. Put in place strategies of educational and social leadership. Understand and promote the presence of significant adults in schools to enhance the capacity in students to deal with problems, overcome obstacles and resist the pressure of adverse situations. Understanding the School Bullying (Bullying) from a multi-causal and dynamic perspective, in order to differentiate it from other forms of violence in the classroom. Being able to prevent and detect situations of school harassment (bullying). Understanding the need to include social work in full learning each subject from strategies that place school student in an active position. Value the importance of the school environment coordinator and strategies based on educational and social leadership of teachers. To become... [-]

Master Business Administration And Economics, Psychology,

Ferdinand Porsche Fern FH
Online Part time 2 years September 2018 Austria Austria Online Vienna Wiener Neustadt + 2 more

interdisciplinary training win in the modern and complex world of work is becoming increasingly important. With the Master Degree in business [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Applied Psychology. Dear interested parties, dear customers, interdisciplinary training win in the modern and complex world of work is becoming increasingly important. With the Master study programs Business & Economics Psychology - Austria's first conceived as a correspondence course - the most Ferdinand Porsche FernFH a sound education at the interface between people, organizations and markets. The study builds on the mediated the Bachelor's degree as well as in similar fields of study basics. It thus allows enlarging the already acquired knowledge and skills as well as a further qualification at a scientific level. The Master's program is aimed at bachelor graduates economic and psychological studies. The aim is to provide professional, technical and managerial skills in the field of business & industrial psychology with an emphasis in Marketing Management or Human Resource Management. There are those competencies are taught that enable graduates to management or other to hold consultative role in strategic and international management. With the completion of the thesis graduates make your ability to independent scientific work to the test. Practice Relevant questions are epistemologically and methodologically it passed and answered focused and professionally using scientific knowledge. The master thesis forms the basis for further scientific disputes, for example as part of a doctoral program. Kind regards Mag. Dr. Herbert Schwarzenberger Program Director Business & Economics Psychology Masters [-]

Master of Business Psychology

The University of Newcastle, GradSchool (Online)
Online Part time July 2018 Australia Newcastle

Our degree provides a postgraduate qualification for professionals interested in understanding of people, personalities, motivation and effective workplace relationships to advance their career prospects in management and is also open to students with or without a psychology background. You’ll gain some experience in a business environment and skills to potentially enhance your management career. You’ll gain experience in management processes, interviewing and assessing staff, managing difficult people, difficult situations and how to become an influential person within the business world in order to achieve results. [+]

Growing demographic segments within the workplace have necessitated a greater understanding of people skills and a need for staff development. This program is designed for professionals and recent psychology graduates looking to advance their management skills from a psychological perspective to enhance performance outcomes within the corporate business sector. The Master of Business Psychology through the University of Newcastle is a highly rated established program for individuals looking to further their competitive edge and develop their career prospects in management. Graduates will be provided with an advanced understanding of human behaviour and how this can be applied to manage workplace relationships. Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. It’s completely online, so you can achieve your Master of Business Psychology at a time that suits you. Is it for you? Are you a business professional looking to advance your career in management and gain specialised experience in people skills or a professional who already has psychology training but wants to learn more about psychology in the business sector? Corporate professionals and recent psychology graduates will gain advanced experience in management processes, interviewing and assessing staff, managing difficult people, managing difficult situations and the skills to become an influential person within the business world. The Master of Business Psychology focuses on developing a higher understanding and specialised skills in applied psychology and organisational behaviour in the workplace. This postgraduate qualification can be the key to your... [-]