Best Online Master's Degrees in Applied Finance 2019

An online master’s degree is a postgraduate program designed to increase a student’s knowledge of a subject. Because this is a more advanced level of study, an undergraduate degree is often a prerequisite. A master’s degree can be completed in one to three years.

What is an online Master in Applied Finance? It is a field of study that can enhance a student’s critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills thanks to the increased technical knowledge about finance that’s gained. The courses required for the degree play a role in the knowledge gained. Each school may have different required classes, but they’re often similar to mergers and acquisitions, case studies in finance, corporate treasury management, global financial markets, funds and wealth management, and advanced security analysis.

The benefits of this master’s degree include the potential for a higher salary and fast promotions. However, these benefits are only available because of the increased communication, leadership and collaboration skills commonly gained throughout the program.

The cost of an online Master in Applied Finance can vary greatly from one university to the next. Location, duration, prestige and program fees can all affect how much you have to pay. If you want an exact number, you may need to contact the school you want to attend.

Once you have earned an online Master in Applied Finance, you may be ready to jump into a career. Some students have started work as senior partners in risk management firms, investment management firms, venture capitalist offices, stockbroking groups, banks and corporate finance businesses after graduation. Your area of expertise, previous work history and any other education you possess may play a role in the job you get. You can even choose to use this degree as a stepping stone for higher education.

Is this the right program of study for you? If so, it may be time to apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Instituto Europeo de Posgrado - Colombia

This Master's degree enables the student with the necessary knowledge to successfully develop financial advisory and comprehensive asset management. The objective is to e ... [+]

This Master's degree enables the student with the necessary knowledge to successfully develop financial advisory and comprehensive asset management. The objective is to exercise advice, management and financial advice to individuals in personal or private banking.

Double Degree - Universidad Europea de Monterrey

Thanks to the agreement of the European Graduate Institute with the European University of Monterrey, this MBA is offered with double degrees from both prestigious institutions in Spain and internationally.

Why choose this Master?Because the European Graduate Institute is a Level A Protection Partner of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA).Because you can complete your training with an interactive, dynamic and competitive Business Management Simulator.Because you will learn, in an eminently practical way, everything necessary to be a specialist in finance.Because you will be accompanied by a first-class teaching staff of recognized prestige and professional trajectory.Because you will have access to a series of essential educational resources for your learning: the Skills School, the Library of Abstracts, a real-time Masterclass and an English course.ProgramOperational Finance (3 ECTS)International Financial System (3 ECTS)Financial Accounting for Management (4 ECTS)Financial Markets (4 ECTS)Financial and Investment Analysis: Business Valuation (4 ECTS)Analysis of Costs in Decision Making (4 ECTS)Treasury Management (4 ECTS)The Budget as a Useful Management Tool (3 ECTS)Corporate Finance (3 ECTS)Business Financing (3 ECTS)Management Instruments (3 ECTS)... [-]
Spain Madrid Spain Online
Open Enrollment
14 months