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Best Online Master's Degrees in Agricultural Science 2018

Agricultural Science

To maximize their career potential, many people decide to pursue advanced degrees. Earning a master’s degree is often the wise choice after receiving a bachelor’s degree.

What is a Master in Agricultural Science? In this kind of program, students usually study all aspects of plant science including food safety and management. They may also learn about important environmental factors including pest control and climate change. Students may be able to specialize and pursue a track that holds particular interest to them in a number of different fields such as biochemical treatments or biotechnology. Courses of study may vary greatly because of a continuous rise in new topics and technology.

Students may learn interdisciplinary skills such as leadership and communication because of their exposure to public agricultural policies. Some programs also encourage skills in laboratory and field work, which is helpful in a wide variety of careers.

The amount of time a program takes depends on the student and the course work, but it can last anywhere from one to three years. Cost can also fluctuate from program to program. Researching tuition and fees should be an important step in deciding on a particular school or course of study.

In today’s competitive job market, students who complete a Master in Agricultural Science may find their knowledge base in demand in both the public and private sectors. They may obtain a position as a private food science researcher, horticulturalist, soil quality researcher or agricultural policy advisor. There are many other public and private consulting possibilities as well, since their expertise can be crucial to the development of public policies concerning food and environmental safety.

Because it can be considered an important career choice, there are many degree programs to choose from, and locations are available around the world and online. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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