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An online Master’s degree is an upper-level, post-Bachelor’s degree qualification awarded to students with advanced knowledge in a particular area of study or field of professional practice. Providing all of the benefits of the traditional Master’s degree, the online Master’s degree offers additional advantages, including a breadth and depth of course offerings, flexibility, convenience and cost savings.

From Business to Biology and from Energy to Engineering, there’s an online Master’s degree program that’s right for you -- whatever your academic discipline. The Arts, Natural Sciences, Law, and Professional Studies are just a few of the online Master’s degree categories comprising hundreds of programs and areas of specialization.

The variety of different Master’s degree programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular Master’s degree programs listed below.

Newly Added Programs

Purdue University
USA, West Lafayette
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
USA, Daytona Beach
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
USA, Indiana
California State University Dominguez Hills
USA, Carson
UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia
Spain, Murcia, + 2 More
University of Southern California USC Rossier School of Education
USA, Los Angeles
Universidad de Sevilla
Spain, Seville
Ferris State University
USA, Big Rapids
Concordia University Ann Arbor Michigan
USA, Ann Arbor
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona UAB
Spain, Bellaterra
University of Stirling
United Kingdom, Stirling
Utica College Online
USA, Utica

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September 9, 2019

In case you haven't heard, online learning is on the rise. Millions of students enroll every year as they look for a more flexible and personalized approach to learning. As a result, colleges and universities are now providing the kind of online courses that students want. Today's distance courses are flexible, comprehensive, and, most importantly, credible. A certificate for an online course isn't something that just hangs on the wall - it's what shows potential employers that you know how to do the job. So here are the most popular online courses that lead to real careers.

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