Master's degree in PYNKA: Political History, Theory and Practice


Program Description

Objective of the Postgraduate Program

PNYKA is an innovative and interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Political History, Theory and Practice. Combining elements from the disciplines of political science, history, social theory, law, economics and international relations, PNYKA aims to offer a multidimensional, substantive and systematic education to every citizen who is seriously interested in politics. Inspired by the ancient Athenian democracy, but the modern political challenges, the program is addressed to all citizens who wish to actively contribute to the rise of the level of politics in Greece, approaching the political becoming well-trained, potential politicians.

Why choose it?

Through a pioneering, interdisciplinary approach to the phenomenon of politics, the PNYKAS MPS offers unique skills, many specialization opportunities and significant comparative advantages to a wide range of policy stakeholders both in a purely scientific and in a practical-professional level: incumbent politicians, journalists, journalists, political communication professionals and political advisers, public administration and political, economic and legal organizations, teachers and graduates of Greek and European Culture, European Studies, Philosophy and Pedagogy, Web Departments , Political Science, Law and Economics, Sociology, International Relations and other related Schools and Departments.

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Program Structure

The MPS "PNYKA: Political History, Theory and Practice" has a duration of two years and includes 8 Thematic Units (THE) of 15 ECTS (ie a total of 120 ECTS), which are structured in four thematic semester cycles: Theory (1st semester) ), History (2nd semester), Technocratic Law and Economics (3rd semester) and Philosophy of Law and Rhetoric (4th semester). Each semester cycle includes 2 TH.E. Students can choose to study with or without a master's thesis . Successful study and examination are required to complete the program and obtain the postgraduate degree:

  • In the case of study without a postgraduate dissertation: in all 8 semesters. of MPS.
  • In the case of study with a postgraduate thesis: in 6 semesters. (the 4 theses of the first year and 2 of the 4 theses of the second year) plus the elaboration of a master's thesis of 12,000-15,000 words (30 ECTS) on one of the scientific fields of the MPS

Θ.Ε. 1st year of study

  • PITH511: Political and Economic Theory

Admission Requirements

It is necessary to have a degree from a recognized university institution.

It is also recommended to have a very good knowledge of English, so that students can use the corresponding literature, as well as knowledge of basic office applications (word, excel, powerpoint) and Internet, for the management of educational material and trouble-free implementation of the educational process, in order to be able to meet the educational requirements of the distance offer of the Program.

Tuition fees

  • The total cost of tuition for this postgraduate program is € 5,400 .
  • The tuition fees for each Thematic Unit (THE) amount to € 675 , while the tuition fees related to the Master Thesis, if chosen by the students, are calculated as two Thematic Units and amount to € 1350. The student pays the amount corresponding to the number of Thematic Units he chooses per academic year.
  • Regarding the granting of discounts and the granting of scholarships, the wider policy of the University is followed.

Admission Applications

Applications for admission are submitted exclusively electronically, through the website of APKY, at the email address:

Last updated Oct 2020

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