Masters in Finance Department


Program Description

The Master of Economic Financial Management has a training program adapted to the current economic and financial situation, and in order to help improve the skills of professionals, responds to a demand from the professional market specialization in the field of business management.

The goal is to acquire a high level of knowledge and skills that enable the professional to manage the activities of financial and accounting nature of the business and design planning financial strategies, overseeing the areas of Accounting and Management Control and Treasury, as well as the impact of the tax system in the planning and strategy of the company.

It combines the necessary for a professional finance the development of essential skills in any management matters, through practical exercises that bring the theoretical necessary in all types of training to the reality of companies.

Addressed to

Graduates in Business Administration and Diploma in Business Studies. They can also access the Master other professionals who, without possessing the above qualifications, have accredited accounting training.


Official degree

Students who meet the requirements of the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA) will be awarded the title of Master in Management-Economic and Financial delivered by the UDIMA, besides the title of Professional Master issued by the Center for Financial Studies.

UDIMA REQUIREMENTS: Accreditation of university degree. Making all assessment tests and final exam UDIMA.



  • Advanced Accounting (3 ECTS credits)
  • Accounting Capital instruments (3 ECTS credits)


  • Economic Analysis of Financial States and its impact on business decisions (4 ECTS credits)
  • Organization of production and costs for decision making (3 ECTS credits)
  • Strategic Planning and Management Control (3 ECTS credits)


  • Analysis and management of financial resources (7 ECTS credits)
  • Treasury management (2 ECTS credits)
  • Structured Finance: Feasibility of investment projects (3 ECTS credits)
  • Foreign Trade Finance (2 ECTS credits)

LEGAL-FISCAL AREA Practice Corporate (2 ECTS credits) Practical Tax (2 ECTS credits) Income tax Tax (5 ECTS credits) Value Added Tax (VAT) (2 ECTS credits) AREA skills and competencies (8 credits ETCS)


On line presence and

Classroom training

The system of classroom training is continuous and areas. The practical nature of the Master is reflected in the analysis of a series of elaborate and coordinated by senior executives of expert companies in finance, treasury, strategic planning, and other areas cases, the aim is to encourage teamwork approach to real situations company and find the interrelations between the different areas of the Master. The development of management skills is also an aspect addressed in the Masters. At the end of the students presented to a global tribunal this case practical.

For the diploma attendance to 90 100 sessions and passing the tests proposed throughout the Master is required.

On line training

The training model UDIMA is based on distance education, making intensive use of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) to facilitate the educational process.

Open enrollment period all year

Last updated Mar 2020

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