Why this Master?

Choose Tecmilenio University

  • One of the factors of success of the professionals, is the credibility. For you to gain credibility, we will certify you in everything you learn.
  • We have professors specialized in Human Resources, Administration and Psychology.
  • In addition to providing you with knowledge, we will enable you to improve your social skills.
  • For your experience to be international, we have exchange plans.
  • Thanks to our business relationship, you can get in touch with different institutions dedicated to the recruitment and development of human talent.

Being part of the Tecmilenio University is better

  • One of the advantages of studying at Tecmilenio University is that you will work at the same pace as the workforce. Get update.
  • When you graduate, you have increased your years of experience.
  • Human resources, training or organizational behavior? We will advise you to perfect yourself in the category that suits you.

What do I get?

By graduating from the Master of Business Administration with Human Resources, you are able to:

  • To solve problems of human capital management, aligning the decisions to the objectives of the organizations.
  • Create and manage work environments that promote the development, efficiency and productivity of human capital.
  • Employ strategies for the training and promotion of human resources, guiding the skills and vocation of people.
  • Make ethical decisions by promoting the human development of people in organizations.


1st tetra

  • Fundamentals of Administration
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Quantitative methods for decision making

2nd tetramestre

  • Economy
  • Operative administration
  • Analysis of financial information

3rd tetramestre

  • Making administrative and financial decisions
  • Strategic direction
  • Marketing

4th tetramestre

  • Strategic management of human resources
  • Human behavior in organizations
  • Investigation methodology

5th tetramestre

  • Innovative Human Resource Strategies
  • Information systems for administration
  • Development of field project
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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